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    Montana’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is responsible for vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses. However, the state utilizes different offices for the tasks. Before you visit a division of the MVD, determine if you need to go to a Driver Exam Station or to one of the County Treasurer Motor Vehicle offices. Then, gather your items and head out to the office.

    Driver License Exam Station

    As the name suggests, you need to go to a Driver License Exam Station if you need to take a driver exam. The stations offer both commercial and standard driving exams. If you are taking your exam at the Deer Lodge Driver License Exam Station, you must prepay at the Powell County Treasurer’s Office before the day of your test. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the exam. If you are taking it anywhere else, you can pay for the exam at the station on the day of the test.

    Along with exams, the stations handle all of your other licensing needs. You can get a license or permit or register to vote when you stop by one of these stations.

    Scheduling Licensing Appointments Online

    You can schedule appointments online to:

    • Renew or replace your license
    • Take a test
    • Get a VIN inspection
    • Convert a license from another state to a Montana license

    You can also change or cancel your appointment using the online form.

    Treasurer Motor Vehicle Offices

    Treasurer Motor Vehicle offices take care of registrations, titles, and license plates. You can also renew your vehicle registration online or get a temporary registration permit if you have a new vehicle. In addition, you can get your vehicle history report when you access the online services.

    Contacting the MVD

    You can reach the Montana Motor Vehicle Division via email, phone calls, or the mail.

    If you want to email the MVD, send your messages to mvd@mt.gov.

    To call the MVD, you need to dial 406-444-3933.

    If you wish to mail the MVD, address the envelope to:
    Motor Vehicle Division Headquarters
    PO Box 201430
    302 N. Roberts
    Helena, MT 59620-1430

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