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Walking the roads of the Garden State doesn’t strike you like a good idea – then why not obtain a driving license and drive your own car? It’s comfortable, convenient and looks good on self-assessment. All you need now is time, patience and concentration – and we believe you also need our 3rd New Jersey permit practice test. While it doesn’t give you a license asap, it helps you prepare for your MVC Permit Test. It shows you the format and scoring system used by MVC authorities and helps you learn about NJ traffic rules with the help of its updated content based on the new official New Jersey Driver Manual. You can practice without leaving your home, any time you want, as much as you find necessary.
Rest assured that your concentration won’t be broken by payment requests – there are no payments to request, the test is 100% free of charge. Incredible? Seeing is believing – try and check, you won’t even have to register. Sounds good? Then have a look. There are 40 multiple-choice questions with four answers each. As you can imagine, only one is correct and your task is to click that one. Find it difficult? Try our hints – people say they really help (and that’s exactly why they aren’t to be found on a real MVC exam). The progress bar on the left-hand side of the screen will give you an idea of how you’re doing – green light will highlight your successes while red will show areas to work on further. Don’t forget to read explanations – they help avoid the same mistake in the future. If you feel that your final score could have been better, go ahead and try again – each new time the tasks will be randomized.
If you find our NJ permit practice test helpful, don’t keep it a secret – tweet your friends about it or just press the “Like” button above. Start working toward driving now – the best of luck!
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NJ MVC Fact Sheet

Number of questions:50
Answer correctly to pass:40
Passing score:80%

NJ MVC Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2017) official NJ MVC Driver's License Handbook.


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