✔ FREE Oklahoma Permit Practice Test 2015 | OK

Can’t wait to get your Oklahoma Driver’s License? Well, first things first! Welcome to our FREE sample OK Permit Practice Test! It consists of 40 questions covering the basic road rules and signs and resembles the real-life knowledge test by presenting you with four answer options to choose from. You’ll also get a little help from us: we compiled small hints for every question, to make things a little easier (don’t expect us to do this on the real test, though!). Should you answer incorrectly, we will show you the correct answer and an explanation before you continue with the rest of the test. You can easily track your progress by looking at the bar on the left: the more green-colored numbers you have, the more correct answers made and the better chances you have at passing the test.
Of course, you will be given your total score at the end of the test, as well as a special button that you can use to share your results on Facebook. Nothing to boast? Well, it means you need more practice! Re-take the test as many times as you like to perfect what you have learned. It is free of charge, and the questions change their order for the best results. With our FREE OK permit practice test you’ll be driving on Oklahoma roads in no time!

OK DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:50
Answer correctly to pass:40
Passing score:80%
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