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    Residents of Washington use the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) for their licensing and motor vehicle needs. The Washington DOL provides online and in-person services. Whether you choose to use the Washington DOL online or in person, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the department before moving forward.

    The Washington DOL has two separate offices. First, determine if you need to access the Driver Licensing Office or the Vehicle Licensing Office.

    Washington DOL Driver Licensing Office

    The Washington DOL Driver Licensing Office is responsible for drivers’ licenses and ID cards. Visit this office if you need a:

    • Drivers license
    • ID card
    • Permit

    This office also provides driving and knowledge tests.

    Washington DOL Vehicle Licensing Office

    The Washington DOL Vehicle Licensing Office handles vehicles and boats. Visit this office if you need:

    • License plates
    • Titles or tags
    • Vehicle registration
    • Disabled parking placards or tags

    Online Services

    If you do not want to go to the DOL in person, you can use the online service. The Washington DOL offers online services for:

    • Driver licensing
    • Vehicle registration
    • Prorate and fuel tax
    • Business and professional licensing

    If you use the service to get a temporary license, your picture will not be included. If you need to have a license with a picture on it, visit the Washington DOL in person. You will receive a picture ID during your visit.

    The Washington DOL accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for online payments. Make sure that you have a working printer available before using the online services. You will need to print the documents out and keep them on hand.

    Schedule an Appointment

    You need to schedule an appointment before taking a test or undergoing an inspection. You must choose your location and then go through the process of scheduling the appointment.

    Find out more about scheduling an appointment with the DOL.

    Contact the Washington DOL

    You can contact the Washington DOL over the phone or in writing. To contact the Washington DOL over the phone, call:
    Driver Licensing: 360-902-3900
    Title and Registration: 360-902-3770

    To contact the Washington DOL in writing, address your envelope to:
    Department of Licensing
    P.O. Box 9030
    Olympia, WA 98507-9030

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