Parents of New Drivers’ Club: Smart Advice to Protect Your Teen Driver and Feel Better

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Do you have a son or a daughter that is a brand new driver? Do you hold your breath from the moment they walk out of the house, keys in hand, until you hear their return? Are you getting less sleep now than you did when they were first born?

Welcome to the ‘Parents of new drivers’ club. Believe me, I feel your pain – cutting the apron strings is rough business. For the first time in their young lives they are totally out of your control and it is a very scary feeling for parents. You cannot guide them or intervene to keep them from getting hurt.

There are a few things that you can do to help insure the safety of your child. Keep the car they are going to drive well maintained with regular servicing. Make sure the tires are in excellent condition and properly filled, change the windshield wipers to ensure good visibility.

Wipers should be changed if they leave lines of water behind, smear water instead of clearing it, or miss certain areas

Do NOT rely on your child to do these things. (Do you remember the dog/fish/cat you got for them when they were 10? The agreement was they had to take care of it, feed it and clean up after it. The poor animal would have died of thirst and starvation if you hadn’t stepped in!) Some things never change…

Install HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights on the car (you can find HID kits online for as little as $70.00).

HID kit
There’s a huge selection of HID kits online, make sure you get a trustworthy brand (Nick Ares)

Your child will love you for it because they are very ‘hip’ now; you will achieve ‘hero’ status. What your child probably doesn’t know is that the HID’s provide superior lighting, they consistently show 70% more coverage than halogen lights and are up to 300% brighter. They also have a different arc that provides superior peripheral vision. They last 10X longer than halogen bulbs.

The HID technology makes a huge difference in visibility at night. They will see further, see more and be more visible to other drivers. The sooner they can see hazards on the road, the more time they have to react. My recommendation is to purchase a HID kit today.

hazard at night
The ability to notice a hazard earlier is paramount for a new driver

You may not sleep any better, but you will have some comfort knowing that your child is as well protected as possible!

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