This Is How You Sell Your Car: 9 Expert Steps to Have Your Old Car Off Your Hands in a Snap

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We all need a change every now and then. When your old car, or new car for that matter, suddenly doesn’t suit your fancy, an upgrade might be in order.

But before you can get a new ride, you have got to sell your old one!

Selling a car can be a hassle if you don’t go about it with enthusiasm and professionalism. You’ll be competing with smooth-talking salesmen for potential buyers’ attention, so you’ve got to pull out all the stops. Before you put your car up for sale, there are several things you must consider to make selling a snap:

How to Sell Your Car in a Snap

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    Where’s the title? The title, or official certificate of ownership, of a vehicle must be transferred to the new owner when the sale is completed. If your vehicle is owned outright, you should have possession of the title. If your vehicle loan has been paid in full but you cannot located the title, call your local courthouse to begin the process of applying for a replacement. If your car is financed, the financial institution that loaned you the money to purchase it will have possession of the title. Call your lender to find out their policy on transferring the title to the vehicle’s new owner. You must have this important step completed before discussing a sale with a potential buyer to eliminate a huge legal hassle for both parties. The following video deals with potential problems you may experience if you have a vehicle lien.

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    Clean it up! No one wants to buy a dirty vehicle. Even if it is just an old clunker, an hour or two spent cleaning and washing your car will attract more potential buyers and help you get a higher price. Also, keep your car clean and uncluttered the entire time it is up for sale. You never know when someone might want to stop by for a test drive.

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    Take professional-looking pictures. After your vehicle is all cleaned-up, take several clear pictures of the interior and exterior. A shot of the front and back bumpers and each said as well as several of the interior will help potential buyers visualize the vehicle and tempt them to contact you to schedule a test drive. A shot of the dashboard showing the vehicle’s mileage and no check engine or service lights will also help attract potential buyers. Check the following tips from a professional car photographer to learn how to take better pictures of your vehicle:

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    Get the vehicle serviced. An oil change, tire rotation, front end alignment, and filter replacement will help the vehicle run in tip-top shape and persuade potential buyers that you have maintained the vehicle well.

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    Fix any minor problems. Things like broken windshield wipers, blown headlights, or missing side mirrors distract potential buyers from the overall quality of your vehicle. A fifty dollar repair might result in a selling price several hundred dollars higher.

    The following video guide to preparing your car for a successful sale will remind you of all important steps to take:

Now that you’re ready to sell, get the word out in as many places as possible to speed the selling process.

Here are some marketplaces to consider:

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    Social media

    Upload a photo of your vehicle to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. with a casual announcement that it is for sale and an invitation to contact you if interested. Consider it free advertising.

  2. 2

    Local newspapers

    This is the classic way to sell a vehicle and it is still quite effective. For a small fee, you can place a classified ad in your local newspaper with your vehicle’s information and a phone number or email address for potential buyers to contact you by. This is often the first place people look when in the market for a used car.

  3. 3

    Online marketplaces

    Craigslist, Ebay, and Autotrader are just a few websites that can reach hundreds, even thousands, of interested viewers. Some offer free listings and almost always allow you to upload pictures. Include your vehicle’s VIN number so that potential buyers can easily search its car history report. Bold headings and detailed descriptions often contribute to more views and quicker sales.

    sell a car at craigslist
    Use your local Craigslist to post a free ad

  4. 4


    It may seem old fashioned, but a stack of printed flyers with your vehicle’s picture and basic information can be very effective at reaching potential buyers. Post at auto body shops, parts stores, and on community bulletin boards.

The keys to selling your vehicle in a snap are to use professional selling practices and multiple methods to reach potential buyers.

Watch this short video that shares excellent selling ideas:

With these tips, your old ride will be off your hands in no time!

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