Incentive Program for Tesla Model 3 Owners with Children Who Are Learning to Drive



  • Who is eligible: Tesla Model 3 owners in the United States and Canada with children who are learning to drive
  • Incentive amount: US $500 to cover the costs of in-car driver’s education for the child.
  • How to apply: click here

Our younger generation deserves a better, greener future. Electric vehicles are here to stay, and they will likely dominate the market in the next five to ten years. is doing its part in accelerating the advent of sustainable transport by launching a new program for Tesla Model 3 owners with children who are learning to drive. The first one hundred owners who apply here will receive $500 to cover the costs of in-car driver’s education for their children. To qualify, an applicant must provide proof of purchase of the Tesla and proof (a short video) that his or her child practiced driving the Tesla, even if only for a few minutes at slow speeds around an empty parking lot.

A March–April 2017 survey of 158,000 aspiring US drivers who had visited our site showed that most respondents 35 years of age or younger weren’t willing to buy electric cars. Only 30 percent of them would purchase an electric car over a comparably-priced gasoline-powered vehicle. However, most young respondents also stated that Tesla would sell more electric cars than other manufacturers.

Tesla, Inc. is a major producer of advanced, safe, high-performance electric cars. By providing a financial incentive for young drivers to get some behind-the-wheel experience with Tesla vehicles sooner, we’re hoping to introduce them to quality electric vehicles early in their journey to becoming fully licensed drivers. We hope that this will help them see the advantages of electric vehicles and what great potential (no pun intended) they have. We are excited to be the first private organization to offer such an incentive to Model 3 owners, and we hope other companies will follow.

Andrei Zakhareuski,, Founder

Apply to Receive $500

The program is valid for 2018. We will not follow up with the applicants to get them to buy anything. We will not sell the applicants’ names to third-party advertisers. And participation in this program, whether or not someone wins an award, is 100% free. View Terms and Conditions. is not associated with Tesla, Inc.

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