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"I aced my written test in a matter of 7 days. To someone who is hesitating whether to buy the Premium plan, this is the investment you can be most certain about." - Zlata K.


"Worth its weight in gold."

“I halfway skimmed over the chapters in the book. Passed on the first try. 95% of the questions were on the real test, just some were worded awkwardly.”
Cody Bain
Premium customer

"This helped me learn 10 times faster"

“This is the best program on the internet hands down. If you get an answer wrong, they explain the correct answer in detail.”
Scott Nielsen
Premium customer

"A godsend for anyone needing to pass their test."

“Purchased for my nephew and it prepared him astonishingly well. The format is simple, and the questions are crystal clear.”
Keith J.
Premium customer

Say goodbye to boring textbooks and jam-packed classrooms

It's 2023: why settle for the same outdated methods your grandma relied on? Where facts meet the asphalt, that's where we excel. We pack all the necessary knowledge into immersive, real-world driving scenarios engineered to build your confidence one question at a time.

Boring driver's manual

— VS —

Driving-Tests Premium

49%passing rate
95%passing rate

With every question you answer, every road scenario you walk through, you'll notice the transformation – from anxious beginner to a confident driver-ready. We’ll arm you with the skills necessary not just to ace your exam, but to be that safe, responsible driver every road needs.

A failed test is not just a blow to your ego 💔

It's a setback in your career, a delay in your dreams, and a punch to your wallet. The cycle of attempting, failing, and reattempting the exam is a draining whirlpool that saps your time, energy, and hope.

The old-school way

49% Pass Rate

The traditional approach is a grueling marathon of monotonous lectures that seem to blur together. It's overwhelming to sift through a mishmash of potentially unreliable sources, like YouTube. You're on your own, relying on guesswork, which often leads to misunderstandings and puts your future at risk.

No classroom. No stress. Just results.

Unlock all 650+ -specific exam-like questions

For less than the cost of a few Uber rides, you get comprehensive, up-to-date study materials created by curriculum experts, vetted by the DMVs, and seen on the official exam.

Driving-Tests Premium

95% Pass Rate

Enjoy the freedom of studying at your pace, anywhere, anytime. Walk into the exam room with the confidence of being prepared by an industry-leading program.

Industry-leading 95.2% success rate.

how it works

Get road ready, fast

The same top-notch education that you’d receive in a traditional classroom setting, but we put you in the driver’s seat. Our course is fully online and is designed to work with your busy schedule, not the other way around.

Start with engaging tests

Get comfortable answering the same types of questions you’re likely to see on your exam.

Learn as you go

Just the stuff you need to know. No boring lectures, no mind-numbing PowerPoint™ presentations, and no wasted time.

Take the Exam Simulator

Simulate the actual test-taking experience. Powerful Passing Probability algorithm predicts your results in real time.

Easily pass your exam 🎉

By the time you take the exam, you'll breeze through the questions.

For all aspiring drivers.

First-time applicants
The journey to getting your learner's permit or driver's license can be daunting, especially if you're a first-time applicant. The Driving-Tests Premium 3-in-1 program simplifies the process by providing access to a vast library of state-specific exam-like questions and detailed answer explanations. Our resources are designed to mimic the actual test environment, giving you a thorough understanding of the rules of the road and helping you ace the test on your first attempt.
Those who didn’t pass the first time
You've hit a roadblock. The pressure of the test environment, unfamiliar questions, and perhaps nerves got in the way. Failing the test can feel like hitting a wall — like there's no way you'll pass next time. Don't lose hope; we've got your back. Just like George, one of our users, whose partner had been driving for decades, failed his renewal test three times and spiraled into a 'deep dark depression.' They found a lifeline in Driving-Tests Premium.

Why choose us? We offer more than just answers; we offer a road map to success. Our content is designed to 'force you to learn,' just like our satisfied customers say. They also loved our attentive customer support, which was there every step of the way, turning their test anxiety into a passing grade — and lifting their spirits too! Don't just take it from us; hear it from those who've been where you are and made it through. Get back in the driver’s seat with Driving-Tests Premium. With our industry-leading 95.2% success rate and Pass Guarantee, you're not just getting closer to passing — you're gearing up for a triumph.
Newcomers to the US

🇺🇸 English

To build the life you want in America, you need your driver's license. The driving rules in the US are difficult and change from state to state. It’s difficult for anyone - not just the newcomers - to learn rules that change a lot! The DMV handbook is 100 pages long and hard to read. If English is your second language, you may misunderstand some parts due to poor translations. Driving-Tests.org Premium helps you understand the specific traffic rules, signs, and driving practices in your state. Premium is visual, has an industry-leading 95.2% success rate, and you’re fully protected by our Pass Guarantee. Available in multiple languages, so you can learn in the one that's most comfortable for you.

🇲🇽 Español

Para construir tu vida en América, necesitas tu licencia de conducir. Las reglas de conducción en EEUU, que cambian de estado a estado, son desafiantes para todos. El manual del DMV, con 100 páginas, puede ser difícil de entender, especialmente si el inglés es tu segundo idioma. Driving-Tests.org Premium simplifica esto, ayudándote a comprender las reglas de tráfico, señalamientos y prácticas de conducción en EEUU. Premium es visual, tiene un 95.2% de tasa de éxito y ofrece nuestra Garantía de Aprobación. Además, está disponible en varios idiomas, para aprender de la manera más cómoda para ti.

🇷🇺 Russian

Чтобы начать новую жизнь в Америке, вам нужны водительские права. Правила вождения в США сложны и отличаются от штата к штату. Выучить их - нелёгкая задача. Учебник ПДД полон непонятных терминов и навевает тоску. Даже если у вас огромный стаж вождения, вы можете неправильно понять некоторые правила из-за плохого перевода. Наша программа доступна на русском языке и поможет вам разобраться в конкретных правилах движения и дорожных знаках вашего штата. У нас ведущий в отрасли показатель успешности (95,2%), и мы гарантируем, что вы сдадите экзамен, если выполните все элементы программы.

The thing is, you’re one of the most experienced drivers on the road. But even if you have a perfect driving record, you need to pass the renewal exam to stay behind the wheel. It’s not fair. But it’s the law. A lot has changed in the last 30, 40 or 50 years you’ve been driving: fines, speed limits regulations, insurance rules. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of all of those for your renewal exam. Sure, you can look for that info in the DMV handbook. But once you find it, how do you retain all the key points? Driving-Tests Premium is an excellent resource for seniors looking to renew their licenses or simply to refresh their knowledge. With clear, easy-to-understand content and engaging practice tests, you can ensure your driving safety and independence are well-maintained. If you don’t want anyone to question your driving skills again, pass your renewal exam with Premium. And stay in control of your mobility.
Renewal applicants
When it's time to renew your driver's license, you might find that the laws have changed or you've forgotten some of the less frequently used rules. The Driving-Tests.org Premium program is an ideal solution, offering up-to-date, state-specific study materials and practice tests to help you brush up on your knowledge and pass the renewal test with ease.
Parents helping their teenage kids
Preparing your teenager for their driving test is a significant milestone. As parents, you want to ensure your teens are equipped with the right knowledge to drive safely. Every year, tens of thousands of teens struggle with the DMV manual. No matter how smart they are, the DMV book can leave them confused and unprepared. And it's not their fault. The book is poorly structured, takes 6 straight hours to read, and was made to inform, not to help teenagers learn quickly. How do you even know what's relevant? Driving-Tests.org Premium helps you do just that. With comprehensive and teen-friendly content, including driver's manuals, realistic exam simulators, and gamification, you can guide your teen confidently through their journey to becoming a licensed driver.

Pass the exam – guaranteed, or get your money back

Even if you haven’t taken a test in 10 years. And taking tests makes your hands sweat. With Premium, you’re 100% guaranteed to pass.

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Customers agree: Our questions are nearly identical to the real exam

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"This was a lifesaver!"

“I missed the renewal of my license by 2 weeks and had to retake the written and drivers test. I studied over the weekend with the program and passed with flying colors!
Stacey Kinsey
Premium customer

"Ready for my road test."

“I finished before the four people ahead of me with only one mistake (I doubted myself on that question) even the guys there asked me "Are you done?!?!" And I was yep, the computer told me to go ahead and get ready for my road test 😂😂”
Clos Barra
Premium customer

"An excellent way to master the dreaded DMV test."

“A massive educational improvement compared with the DMV manual. The materials are comprehensive, well-organized and well-illustrated. I was able to go back and correct my errors, which reinforced the correct answers in my brain.”
C. Clayworth
Premium customer

"Study whenever you want."

“I really think buying the premium membership is worth it. Most people pay hundreds of dollars for a class, but why do that when you can pay way less and study whenever you want.”
Angela W.
Premium customer

"Passed my test with ease."

“Very helpful. People who were testing that had spent 3 weeks in driving school were at the DMV taking the written exam for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th times. Upset a few people when I walked out and told my husband I passed!
Miley P.
Premium customer

"90% of the questions were on my exam"

“Don't hesitate! I had less than a week before my exam. Thanks to this website, I NAILED it! The explanations made studying the rules easier and there were photos to reinforce the information. 90% of the questions were exactly the same, which made me feel comfortable and confident.”
Mary Blatz
Premium customer

"This format separates the signal from the noise."

“A much better way to learn. I found absorbing the information in the manual difficult - it was like drinking from a fire hose. Now, I much better understand how to use and apply the information for both the driving test and also as a driver.”
M. Boyle
Premium customer

"You will feel more than prepared, it's THAT good."

“My friend had referred me to driving-tests and said it was a great service and 100% worth the money. I was worried about the steep price at first. Looking back, I realize it is more than worth it. The formatting is perfect and user-friendly, and trust me, if you study just 20 minutes a day for a week, you will be more than prepared.”

"Challenging, reliable and affordable."

“We were searching for an affordable way to learn the DMV manual on our own, without paying $800 for our town's driving school. We looked at the reviews, and they were very positive. We got premium so my siblings after me would be able to use the account as well. Premium is challenging, reliable and affordable.”
Neil Alex
Premium customer

"I felt so prepared!"

“I tried some other tests, but they didn't feel right. Premium made me feel really confident for the test. Instead of stressing on the day of my test, I relaxed because I'd done all I needed to.”
Premium customer

"It was suggested by my driving instructor."

“I really wanted to pass on my first try and my driving instructor suggested driving-tests. I checked one or two other sites and neither one one was put together as well as this.”
Premium customer

"One of the best online drivers’ ed platforms."

“I was scared of driving, because this is a lot to handle: a heavy metal death machine that I’m supposed to drag around other heavy metal death machines. I doubted myself a lot, in a lot of ways. The manual is way too heavy to remember, but Premium makes it a lot more digestible.”
Gabriel M.
Premium customer
A faster, smarter way to study

When you absolutely need to pass your driving exam

You have zero time and about a million responsibilities. If you’re going to take time away from your daily to-do’s to study for this exam, you need to be sure you’ll pass on the first try. So you can get back to your life.

Unlock all exam-like questions
  • The only program recommended by DMVs
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Instant feedback with clear explanations
  • Unlimited DMV Exam Simulators
  • Powerful Passing Probability analytics
Highest rated online driver education program in the U.S.

What makes this program unique

Revolutionary test-based format

Study on the go, at work or in front of the TV

No more weeks wasted in crowded classrooms. Study smarter with a simple yet powerful program with rich and varied content, like interactive explanations, images, audio, and Exam simulators.

Try it now
Rewire your brain for exam success

Don't just memorize. Understand.

Ever read a question and thought you knew the answer, only to get it wrong? We get it — your brain is trained to pick up familiar words. But exams have their own tricks: they use phrases like 'except,' 'all of the above,' or nuanced wording designed to trip you up. Rewire your brain and learn to spot those. Try this question:

Try me
If you are being tailgated, you should do all of the following EXCEPT
increase your following distance.
keep right.
speed up.
Let the tailgater pass you.
Don't try to speed up to outdistance or appease a tailgater. No speed is too fast for some tailgaters. Instead, increase your following distance and if possible, keep right to let the tailgater pass.
Which of the following is true?
One driver must take the right-of-way and proceed first.
Car A must yield to its right.
Car B must yield to its left.
The car on the busier road has the right-of-way.
When two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection at about the same time, the vehicle on the left must yield.
When two cars arrive at an uncontrolled intersection or an all-way stop at about the same time, the car on the left must yield to its right. Here, Car A must yield to its right, and Car B has the right-of-way.
Three cars arrive at an uncontrolled intersection. In what order can the cars proceed?
A, B, C
B, C, A
C, B, A
Some of the cars in this situation are turning onto new roads.
Cars on the through road have the right-of-way at T-intersections. Cars turning left must also yield until it is safe. Therefore, car B can go first, followed by car C, and then by car A.
You are traveling along the right lane of a four-lane highway. You see an emergency vehicle pulled over ahead with its lights flashing. What must you do here?
Slow down.
Change lanes if possible; otherwise, slow down.
Slow down; also change lanes if possible.
You must try to keep a safe distance wherever possible.
When you approach a stopped emergency vehicle, tow truck, or Department of Transportation vehicle with its flashing yellow lights on, you must move into a non-adjacent lane if possible and safe, leaving an empty lane between your vehicle and the stopped vehicle. If this is impossible (i.e., no other lanes in your direction) or unsafe, you must slow down instead. (Note: All states now have their own Move Over Laws, but some of them require drivers to do different things.)
This hand signal means that the driver intends to
turn left.
turn right.
slow down.
Hand signals can communicate the same information as lighted turn and brake signals. They can communicate a driver's intention to turn, slow, or stop.
This driver is signaling a right turn.

Night Mode

Unlimited Exam Simulators

Challenge Bank™

All missed questions are automagically stored in your personal Challenge Bank™ for review.

Marathon challenges

All questions in one exam to really test your knowledge.

Personalized study plan

Works on all your devices


Online driving hazards simulators

Immersive behind-the-wheel-like experience

See what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat and make driving decisions from behind the wheel, not from behind a book. Available exclusively on Driving-Tests.

Save time with two printable cheat sheets

These quick, printable PDFs cover the trickiest questions you’re likely to see on the official exam. Great when you can only sneak in small snippets of study time, like at work.

Let us help you breeze through your knowledge exam

Simple pricing, no hidden fees. You’ll walk out of the , feeling like you just took a first-grade spelling test. One-time purchase, not a subscription.

Recommended by DMVs. Trusted by 80,622 satisfied customers since November 2017.

7-Day Exam Prep

When you only have a few days and want maximum knowledge in minimum time.

49 / 7 days
Create my account Purchase as a gift for someone else
All 650 exam-like questions for
Pass Guarantee (100% money back)
16 realistic practice tests
14 Behind-the-Wheel Simulators
Virtual 360° Road Situations
DMV Genie AI & Challenge Bank™
Available in English and Spanish
Unlimited Exam Simulators
2 Cheat Sheets (most common questions)
Most Popular

30-Day Exam Prep

When you’ve never failed a test and don’t want to start now. A LOT of practice.

75 / 30 days
Create my account Purchase as a gift for someone else
All 650 exam-like questions for
Pass Guarantee (100% money back)
16 realistic practice tests
14 Behind-the-Wheel Simulators
Virtual 360° Road Situations
DMV Genie AI & Challenge Bank™
Available in English and Spanish
Unlimited Exam Simulators
2 Cheat Sheets (most common questions)

90-Day Exam Prep

When you can’t leave anything to chance. Covers everything.

119 / 90 days
Create my account Purchase as a gift for someone else
All 650 exam-like questions for
Pass Guarantee (100% money back)
16 realistic practice tests
14 Behind-the-Wheel Simulators
Virtual 360° Road Situations
DMV Genie AI & Challenge Bank™
Available in English and Spanish
Unlimited Exam Simulators
2 Cheat Sheets (most common questions)
500+ DMV flashcards
Best Value

Lifetime Exam Prep

Get it once, use it forever. Includes family sharing for 3 people.

159 / Lifetime
Create my account Great for families with kids
All 650 exam-like questions for
Pass Guarantee (100% money back)
16 realistic practice tests
14 Behind-the-Wheel Simulators
Virtual 360° Road Situations
DMV Genie AI & Challenge Bank™
Available in English and Spanish
Unlimited Exam Simulators
2 Cheat Sheets (most common questions)
500+ DMV flashcards
Additional access to Motorcycle program
Family Sharing (3 people)

See which plan is best for you

I only have a day or two before the exam — will this help me?
When your test is coming up so soon, you don't really have time to read the manual from cover to cover. You just want to prepare quickly so you can be done and gone. The ultra-affordable 7-day plan provides seven full days of access and unlocks a huge set of exam-like materials that have helped over 80,000 customers get behind the wheel. Choose it if you have at least one day to prepare, but would like to avoid the painful boredom of DMV manuals.
I have plenty of time before the exam. Will Premium prepare me well?
When you've started well in advance and have ample time to prepare and fully learn the rules of the road, you need a LOT of extra practice. If you've tried reading the manual, you'll know that it's poorly organized, overly verbose and lacks the visual explanations. A guided and well-structured program with a regularly updated question bank works much better for retention. Both 30-day and 90-day plans provide full access to our interactive in-depth study system that's a lot more involved than just reading the guide or passively watching Youtube videos. If you plan to study for longer than 90 days and/or have family members who may need to obtain their car or motorcycle license as well, we recommend the Lifetime plan that comes with Family Sharing for three people.
I've failed my knowledge exam. How can I be sure this will help me?
When you've been struggling to pass on your own and your previous attempt was unsuccessful, you need a different approach. Something that will help you retain the information better and won't leave you feeling desperately insecure. Choose the 90-day or Lifetime plans if you want to be over-prepared (in a good way) and to build confidence with increasing difficulty levels as you cover every topic you'll be tested on. You'll have full access to everything our program offers, including the Test Anxiety Relief audio course and tricky questions that no one really talks about, like "how close to railroad tracks can you park your car" vs. "how far from railroad tracks do you stop your car when a train is going by". These kinds of nuanced differences are made clear and easy. You'll also go over the more difficult issues so you could memorize things like keeping distances between cars when driving and distances it takes to stop a car at certain speeds when driving. With the industry-leading 95.2% success rate and our Pass Guarantee, you'll be sure to pass.
I've moved (planning to move) to . Which plan do I get?
Just started packing to move to (or just relocated)? Your new state may require you to pass their knowledge exam to renew your out-of-state license. You probably haven't taken the written exam in years. When you've got a family that depends on you, your work and a lot of other commitments, you don't have time to study the entire manual. Good news: being an experienced driver, you don't have to start from scratch — all you need is a clearly laid-out refresher with the information specific to your new state. The new laws, penalties, fines, suspensions, etc. Depending on how much time you can afford, choose the 30-day or 90-day plans; both offer full access to our exam-like question database and will make sure you're fully prepared so you can get back to your life as soon as possible. If your spouse or teenage kids plan on getting their licenses soon as well, get the Lifetime plan which comes with Family Sharing for three family members.
Is it available in other languages?
Yes. Our practice tests are available in both English and Spanish. The Cheat Sheets are English-only. DMV Genie AI speaks dozens of languages.
How can I be sure that Premium will help me pass?
We know exactly what the wants. Driving-Tests.org is the largest independent driver education provider in the United States. Driving practice tests are all we do. With 4.5 million monthly visitors, we’re the ONLY specialized team dedicated entirely to driving tests: writers, researchers, and analysts who know what the DMV wants from applicants and how to teach it. See how we work with government agencies, 2,500 libraries and schools.
Will I get a certificate of completion?
Driving-Tests Premium is a self-service program that provides various resources to help you prepare for your driving tests, including study materials, practice tests, and much more. We are not associated with any government or official bodies, nor do we issue certificates of completion for our Car program. Our platform is purely designed to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to pass your official driving test, which is administrated by your local governmental department of motor vehicles. The actual issuance of driving licenses and completion certificates falls under the purview of these official government bodies, not Driving-Tests Premium. As such, we strongly encourage users to directly contact their local DMV or equivalent agency for information about certification or licensure. Learn more

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  1. Market data based on the SimilarWeb Traffic & Competitor Overview Reports and SEMRush Comparative Domain Competitor report as of Dec 2021
  2. Data based on the "Driver License Testing of Young Novice Drivers," US Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  3. 95.2% of premium customers pass based on a Sept 2018 survey of 260 users who took the official exam.