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Get a free driver education program for your library!
Free driver's ed program for your library!
Engage your community AND make our roads safer

Help your patrons prepare for their DMV permit exams. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility mission, our valuable online driver education program is being offered free of charge to U.S. libraries.

Available 24/7

Unlimited access allows your patrons to practice at the library, at home, or on the go using our free app or mobile-friendly site.
No registration required!

Attract More Patrons

Providing free driver education resources will instantly send visitors streaming through your library’s doors.

Car & Motorcycle

Whether they want to get behind the wheel of an automobile or motorcycle, we've got practice tests for everyone. Driver's Handbooks, too!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
What is included in the program?
Free? Really?
Will our patrons see ads?
What other libraries are using this Driver's Ed program?
Can I see some examples?
Do you collect any sensitive information about our patrons?
Do patrons need an e-mail address to register?
How many patrons can access the program simultaneously?
Do you support use across multiple libraries in the same system?
Do you offer remote access?
Do you provide usage reports?
How long have you been around?
Is it easy to implement on our library web site?
Accessibility features are very important to our library. How does address this?
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