Get Your State's DMV Handbook (2019)

Download the official PDF or view online

How does this work?

Getting ready for your DMV permit or driver's license test is tough. Sometimes it's hard to find the official source, among other things. We've done the hard part for you and put together a list of the most recent official DMV handbooks for every U.S. state. Select your state in the drop-down above to find the latest official driver's manual (2019). You may also be able to pick up a hard copy of a DMV handbook at your local DMV office.

Is there more than one DMV handbook?

Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles provides a number of driver's manuals and handbooks to help you become a safe driver. Those include a standard driver's license manual, a motorcycle license manual and a CDL (commercial driver's license) manual.

What is covered?

Your state's official DMV manual covers all of the following:

  • general road signs, rules of the road and speed limits
  • rules of the road and speed limits specific to your state
  • road signs specific to your state
  • safety tips
  • permit and driver's license application procedures
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI and DWI)