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Knowledge of traffic laws includes knowing about traffic lights, road signs, pedestrian signals and pavement markings that advise all road users what to do in various situations. This Georgia DMV Practice test trains you on the most important of those signs, markings and lights and gives you the basic knowledge of the road rules. This easy-to-follow test was designed based on the official GA drivers handbook and is represented by 40 questions, with 4 answers of choice, each. Just click on the option you think is best and immediately find out whether you are right or wrong. The useful progress bar on the left helps you to see how well you are doing by marking the correctly answered questions in green and all your mistakes in red. We want to make this Georgia DMV Practice test the most effective use of your learning time and we are glad to help you with hints and explanations whenever you are in doubt or have selected a wrong answer (unfortunately, there’s no such help on the real test!). For training purposes, you can only make up to eight mistakes in order to pass.
As an incentive for you to share this test with your friends, we’ll give you a special button to post your results on your Facebook wall, to challenge others to find out how well they know the rules -- even if they already have their driver’s license!
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30 correct answers to pass (10 mistakes allowed)
Passing score required at the GA DDS: 75%
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Georgia DDS Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:40
How many correct answers to pass:30
Passing score:75%

GA DDS Driver's Handbook

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