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Six Exclusive PDF Cheat Sheets

These concise, printable PDF e-books cover the correct answers to the trickiest CDL questions you may get. They're perfect as a review right before your test. You can transfer the PDFs to your smartphone or tablet, so you can study on the go.
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Is The CDL Exam Hard? Here Are Stories From People Who've Taken It Recently

Richard from TN passed the first time
I recently took the General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, Air Brakes, and Passenger exams at my state's testing station and passed all four elements on my first attempt. The officer at the testing station asked me if this my first time for taking the tests and I told her it was. She was impressed and told me a lot of folks have to take the exams 3 or 4 times before they pass. I found the instant feedback on the questions I missed on the practice exams very helpful. And passing the practice marathon exams built up my confidence that I could pass the shorter actual exams as well.
Petr from MN found the information invaluable

The preparation I got from taking the practice tests was invaluable. I just loved everything about the premium tests, from the option to use the darkened night version to all the marathon test questions all in one spot that I truly believe helped me pass the tests with flying colors at the dmv. Thank you for an amazing product, I will definitely recommend it to anyone.

Beat the statistics: pass your CDL exam on your first try

9 in 10 Premium Customers Pass (based on customer surveys)
Specific to
Accurate, up-to-date questions based on your state's official CDL manual and traffic laws.
Instant feedback
See the correct answer for each question immediately.
Just like the real thing
Facts taken directly from the manual. Questions nearly identical to those you'll see on the actual CDL test.
Updated for 2018
Based on the most recent laws for your state. In sync with the : updated if the laws change.
For sure, the free tests are a help, but going Premium was the perfect prep.

Repeatedly taking the practice tests, with different questions randomly, over several weeks, was a confidence-growing experience. Test passed or not, I am a better driver than before taking the prep … and with Premium, I really do think that passing is all but assured.

The “Cheat Sheets” that come with Premium are excellent primers as well.

I began a skeptic, and emerged … first, a believer ...and now, a fan.

Well worth the investment.

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Dave, MA
While Googling I found Driving-Tests.org when I needed to obtain a CDL Class B permit with passenger and air-brake endorsements. I'm as fond of tests as I am getting a flat tire. However, in this case I had loads of confidence going to the RMV after spending the time on the practice tests. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
Gary Satterly, IN
If you're reading this STOP with everything else you're doing to pass your CDL Tests and start using these practice tests. I never opened up the first drivers manual. I only used Driving-Tests.org's IN CDL General Knowledge Test, Marathon and Exam practice tests and passed my BMV tests the first time. All my testing is over Hallelujah!!! These tests will give you all the knowledge and confidence you need.
Leighton Zink, CA
Many of the questions on the practice tests were on my actual test. Reading the CDL manual and taking the practice tests was incredibly helpful and the main reason I was able to pass
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Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

"These practice driving skills exams make studying easier and less stressful."

Kansas Department of Transportation

"First-time driver or need a refresher course? Test your knowledge on the Rules of the Road here."

Packed with features that will make it impossible for you to fail your knowledge test

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Study longer at night without your eyes getting tired. Get better sleep and be more rested for your test.
Works on All Your Devices
Same great experience, no matter what device you're using.
Loads 2x Faster
Without ads, tests load faster and your phone uses less data.
Gets Better over Time
New features added regularly. Premium subscribers get free access to all updates.

Premium Members Get A Pass Guarantee

If you sign up for CDL Premium and then pass all the practice tests, we promise you a passing grade. If you fail your test, take a photo of your failing result and we will refund your Premium membership. Learn more.
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