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Guaranteed Pass

Here's Why 95.2% of Premium Customers Pass vs. the US National Average of 49%

based on a Sept 2018 survey of 260 Premium customers who took the official exam

Bet you didn't know: the average knowledge test pass rate in the US is a terrible 49%. Most people go in overconfident and underprepared, aimlessly reading the manual and only studying the "easy" questions. CDL Premium is proven to nearly double your chances of passing by giving you a faster, easier, more organized way to prepare. It also comes with a Pass Guarantee.

Unlock a HUGE set of possible exam questions

Access 32 Premium practice tests (unavailable to free users) with more than 400 questions that cover every endorsement.

+32Premium tests

Challenge yourself with the Marathon Mode

Our most popular Premium-only test mode is the ultimate way to prepare! Quiz yourself on every question, no matter the endorsement, to really test your knowledge.

900+ questions

CDL Marathons

These massive CDL tests contain more than 900 questions collectively, and are available for each individual endorsement. Each Marathon cycles through your missed questions until you've gotten every single one right.

Find and fix weak spots, fast

Your missed questions are automatically stored in your personal Challenge Bank™ for review, so you'll know where to focus your study time.
It's like having your personal tutor!

Challenge Bank™
+ Add Question

Retake until you're confident

Unlimited retakes mean you can repeat practice tests as many times as you like until you get every question right.

Don't just memorize: understand

Whenever you get a question wrong, you'll see a clear explanation of why. Now, you can quickly master concepts and answer the question correctly the next time - no matter how a question is worded on the exam.

Traditional CDL Training vs CDL Premium

 Traditional CDL training CDL Premium with
Cost$3,000 - $7,000 for a typical 80-hour course$37/mo. or $99/lifeUnlimited use
ConvenienceNot all CDL schools offer evening classes. If you have a day job, you'll have to take time off from work to attend day classes or ask your friends and family to help with household responsibilities.Instant access; use it 24/7. Study from home or on the go. Minimal impact on current job and family responsibilities.
DurationTwo-week 80-hour course on average (60 percent of which is classroom instruction time). May have to purchase a separate course for each endorsement.Lifetime or monthly membership (cancel at any time). Use it now; come back whenever you need to renew or add another endorsement to your CDL license.
All License Classes (A/B/C)Must pay a separate fee or even find a separate school that specializes in the type of vehicle you want to drive. Travel far from home may be necessary.All CDL license classes and endorsements covered with no extra fees.
Personalized InstructionNo personalization. You study in a group of 10–20 students. You may struggle to keep up with the faster students or be bored when the teacher has to explain things to the slower students.Your mistakes are automatically stored in the Challenge Bank for you to review. Tests are divided into several difficulty levels. Study at your own pace.
Knowledge RetentionOften outdated, passive (instructor-centered) methods of teaching. Poor retention.Remember the concepts faster by intensive drilling with practice tests based on the official manuals and relevant federal regulations.
Guarantee You'll PassMost CDL schools don't offer money-back guarantees. At the end of the program, you typically get a certificate and a handshake.Comes with a Pass Guarantee. We promise that you'll pass your CDL exam, or we'll refund you in full.
Already convinced? Get it now!Upgrade to CDL Premium
CDL training schools may offer as little as one week of preparation for the knowledge test. There is so much to learn that you may not be ready to pass it in so short a time. CDL Premium provides a highly affordable way to fully prepare for the knowledge test and all endorsement exams. With your Commercial Learner Permit in hand, you may only have to purchase behind-the-wheel driving instruction or a refresher course from a regular CDL training school rather than spend thousands of dollars on a full course.

BONUS: Nine Time-Saving PDF Cheat Sheets

These quick, printable PDFs cover the trickiest CDL questions you're likely to see on the real exam.

Look inside

General Knowledge: 171 questions

Pre-Trip Inspection: 30 questions

Air Brakes: 80 questions

School Bus: 55 questions

Combination Vehicles: 75 questions

Hazardous Materials: 50 questions

Passenger Vehicles: 50 questions

Tanker Vehicles: 60 questions

Double/Triple Trailers: 55 questions

See a sample preview page

Send the PDFs to your mobile device and study anywhere - even right before the exam!

Real Customers Agree: Our Questions are as Close to the Real CDL Exam as it Gets!

Trusted by over 20,400 users

I went down to get my Class A Combination license, and man, was it so helpful! If you want to get yourself a CDL license, and not drive yourself crazy worrying about it, go ahead and get the Premium.
"If you miss something, it would store it in a Bank. So you'd finish the test, and after you're done, it'll go back to all the ones you missed, so you get to go over them again. I mean, I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I took this, went down to the Department of Motor Vehicles, didn't miss one on any of my tests! Nothing. I walked right through it...It was just so helpful, I mean, that's what I liked most about it - it was so easy. And I've recommended it to quite a few of my friends."

~ Ron P., CDL Premium Member from Maryland

My favorite part of the Premium version is, there's zero risk: you walk in, you pass or you get your money back. Pretty hard to beat.
"I went to go get my Class A CDL and after getting the little book that they give you at the DMV I kinda felt overwhelmed 'cause you're flipping back and forth between pages and just trying to keep record of it all, and write down the answers... It just wasn't very easy. So I looked for an alternative online and came across Driving-Tests.org. They had a pretty good free version, but I noticed that they had a Premium version - they guarantee that you'd pass the test at the DMV, or a full money refund. And that's the route I went, and I'm glad I did. I walked in and did General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Doubles/Triples, Tanker, HazMat, School Bus and Passenger. I did it all in the same day and I passed with a 97% or 98%, something like that. I was very well-prepared and passed the tests with ease."

~ Kyle G., CDL Premium Member from Colorado

I went to Driving-Tests, studied, got 40 out of 42 right the next day. Now I have my permit, I recommend it to anybody!
"I'm moving to a small town in Oregon, 115 miles away from the nearest DMV - one way! I failed my CDL test the first time I took it (the General Knowledge section). In Oregon you have to wait 24h, that meant I had to get a hotel room to take the test again! If I failed again, I would've had to get another hotel room - lot of pressure!"

~ Mark H., CDL Premium Member from Florida moving to Oregon

A Faster, More Convenient Way to Study Without Missing a Thing


Practice anywhere, anytime

Your progress syncs automatically across devices, and a handy "night mode" means late-night cramming sessions are easy on the eyes.


Eliminate ads and practice faster

Going 100% ad free means your tests load up to two times faster and your phone uses less data.


See how you compare to others

Community Stats show you how other drivers in your state answered questions, and which ones most get wrong.


User-friendly for non-native speakers

Flashcards, explanations and cheat sheets are easy to understand, even if English isn't your first language.


Pause tests without losing progress

Take a break and come back right where you left off, no matter what device you use.

Driving-Tests is Rated

Specific to
Questions are based on your state's official CDL manual and traffic laws.
Updated for 2019
Don't study outdated material! We constantly update questions as laws change.
Authentic Format
Exam Simulators mimic the experience of a CDL exam, pulling random questions from a huge database.
If you sign up for CDL Premium and pass every practice test, we promise you a passing grade. If you fail, send us an email and we'll refund you in full. Learn more

Over 9 out of 10 Premium Members pass the first time.

(based on a Sept 2018 survey of 260 members)

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"These practice driving skills exams make studying easier and less stressful."

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"First-time driver or need a refresher course? Test your knowledge on the Rules of the Road here."

Pass Your Commercial Driver's License Exam the first time

More tests. More ways to practice. No surprises on exam day.
Trusted by over 20,500 users.
CDL PremiumPremium Lifetime
CDL Premium
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32 Premium CDL Practice Tests (incl. Marathon Mode)
400+ Test-Like Questions With Explanations
Unlimited Retakes and Skipping
Smart Challenge Bank (track and review missed questions)
Cross-Device Progress Tracking and Pass Probability
VoiceOver and Flashcard Mode
No Ads
Pass Guarantee (full refund if you fail)

BONUS: 9 Exclusive Cheat Sheets (General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, Air Brakes, School Bus, HazMat, Pre-Trip, Tanker Vehicles, and Double/Triple Trailers)1

Premium Lifetime 3-in-1
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All Types of Transport (Three subscriptions in one: Car, Motorcycle, Commercial Driver's License)
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