Online CDL training and ELDT certification for your trainees

A flexible fully online self-paced CDL permit course that lets your new employees study anytime and work in-between.

  • Official FMCSA ELDT theory provider
  • America's #1 online CDL training program
  • Instant ELDT theory certificate for every trainee
"This is the reason I flew through each test and passed them all the first time trying."
95.2% Industry-leading pass rate
  • America's #1 registered online CDL training program
  • ELDT theory certificate for every trainee
  • FMCSA-licensed ELDT theory provider

Trusted by 350+ leading companies, municipalities, and educational institutions

We submit ELDT certificates to the Training Provider Registry

For compliance with the federal government's new ELDT mandate, all aspiring CDL holders need to complete a requisite ELDT course from an accredited provider.

If you're aiming to offer entry-level theory training for Class A, B, or related endorsements, our solution is perfectly tailored to those requirements. After your students finish the course, we'll handle the submission of their ELDT certificates to the Training Provider Registry. This ensures they're authorized to sit for the knowledge exam at their nearest licensing office.

ELDT certification ELDT certification ELDT certification ELDT certification ELDT certification ELDT certification

A seamless online CDL theory solution compliant with new ELDT requirements

If you're paying for a theory program for your employees, you want them to get ELDT certification and pass their CDL permit test. When they walk in the door, they should be confident they're going to pass it.

Fully online

Instant access: no installations, compatible with all devices.


Nationally licensed: recognized ELDT provider (except WA).

ELDT Certificate

Instant certificate submission to the TPR for each trainee.


Proven success

95.2% of our trainees pass their CDL exams.

User friendly

Simplified design: even for those not tech-savvy.


More affordable

Cost-effective: a fraction of in-person course fees.

Cancel any time

Flexible monthly options with hassle-free cancellation.

English & Spanish

Bilingual: courses available in both English and Spanish.

"It's a complete program. We knew right away that this was something we needed."

Donna Foushee
Director of Transportation, Meade County Schools, KY

In-person theory classes vs CDL Corporate

In-person classes CDL Corporate
Industry-leading pass rate
Cost per student Cost per student$2,000 Cost per student$50/month, cancel anytime
Speed to driving Speed to driving21-35 days Speed to driving7-10 days
Convenience ConvenienceFixed class hours ConvenienceFlexible, 24/7
Location LocationOnsite, in class LocationOnline, study from anywhere
Type of studying Type of studyingDry and boring DMV Handbook without test practicing Type of studyingFlexible and interactive tests, 1,500+ exam-like questions
* CDL Corporate benefits compared to comprehensive packages offered by traditional in-person theory providers.

Streamline training time – just 7-10 days

Your trainees, ready in about a week. Duration varies based on the chosen CDL class and their commitment.

Deliver premium education, sans traditional barriers. Equip your trainees with a comprehensive understanding: from foundational trucking safety to specialized roadside support skills.

Full control, zero hassle

Purchase the admin account and student seats; enjoy end-to-end management of your trainees.

Simplified trainee onboarding

Dispatch invites, they handle the rest. Minimize your administrative overhead.

ELDT certifications, sorted

As trainees complete, we handle the ELDT certification submission to the federal Training Provider Registry for you.

Set trainees up for success

Come exam time, we've got you covered. DMV authorities can promptly access their Certificates in the TPR.

It gives our team the best possible opportunity to succeed quickly and without pain

Brett Hartford
Director of Operations, City Relief

Benefits to your hiring process and training

Cost efficiency at its peak

Get the best value with our unmatched "cost per student trained" ratio. Traditional theory training providers can't compete.

Reduce test-related stress

Instill confidence in your trainees. Demonstrate your company's commitment to their success with our top-tier prep program, decreasing test anxiety.

Speedy integration of new hires

Rapidly onboard newcomers. Faster turnaround for Week One new hires, streamlining their transition to BTW training.

Granular oversight with Admin Dashboard

Our intuitive admin dashboard lets you monitor each trainee's progress individually.

Flexible seat management for ever-changing needs

Your hiring needs fluctuate. Manage seats dynamically: release those who've secured their permits and allocate to fresh hires. For companies with multiple branches, shift seats to more actively hiring locations with ease.

Streamline your trainee assessment with our advanced metrics

Equip your organization with actionable insights to make informed decisions about your trainees' readiness. View each trainee's progress instantly. Know who's DMV-ready and who needs further practice. Dive deep into individual performance metrics, from practice test scores to material engagement.

DMV Ready

Drivers love how intuitive and easy-to-use the course is

Over 58,000+ commercial drivers have used this program to get behind the wheel.


"Finished before the four people ahead of me."

“I finished before the four people ahead of me with only one mistake (I doubted myself on that question) even the guys there asked me “Are you done?!?! And I was yep, the computer told me to go ahead and get ready for my road test 😂😂”

Clos Barra

"The way to study. Period."

“Very helpful. Beyond fair. The way to study. Period. I would've given it 5 stars but I disagree with cost. However, I don't regret the purchase. I'm getting my license after 16 years and a different state. Love it.”


"99% of the review questions were identical to what is on the DMV tests."

“I read the commercial handbook and thought "No way in the world will I remember this." Purchased Premium to get Class B (school bus permit for California). The explanations provided for every answer are so useful, especially for anyone new to this. They explained so much and helped put things together. Didn't just pass, but nearly aced all tests.

Brandon F.

"I just left the DMV."

“I completely aced all 3 of my tests. I just want to say that this was an absolutely amazing experience. The study guides and tests are extremely easy to use. The questions are essentially exactly what the DMV uses. This gave me confidence and direct knowledge straight from the DMV testing. I will suggest this to any one that is worried about testing! Fantastic job!!!”

Joshua Myers
CDL Premium customer

"Just passed, and I am over the moon about it!"

“Just passed my last exam for my CDL School bus endorsements, and I am over the moon about it! This study guide is awesome! If you take all the practice test they give you plus the marathon practice test you will definitely pass. Keep in mind though to still read your state’s drivers manual at first.”

Denise Johnson
CDL Premium customer

Optimized training solutions for your fleet. Consistent success rates for your business.

Specific to your state’s DMV

Tailored training materials aligned with your state's DMV standards, ensuring your team is always prepared for the official CDL permit exam.

Updated for

Stay ahead of the curve. Our platform automatically updates as your state revises its manuals, ensuring your team always has the latest resources.

America's #1 registered online CDL training program

Detailed explanations reveal the "why" behind every answer

Equip your trainees with detailed answer breakdowns. For each query, we provide in-depth explanations, enhancing the training process and ensuring clarity.

Detailed explanation
Most tailgaters aren't deterred by the vehicle ahead exceeding the speed limit. Do not fall into the trap of increasing your speed to get away from or appease a tailgater. Simply continue at a safe speed and, if possible, move into another lane to let the tailgater pass.

Exam Simulator

Ensure your trainees are fully prepared. Our simulator mimics the actual CDL exam, offering a real-world test-taking experience. The only way to be confident they’ll pass is to simulate the actual test-taking experience.

Pass the Simulator at least 3 times

Challenge Bank™

Optimize training efficiency with our Challenge Bank™. Every missed question is cataloged for review, allowing the trainees to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Covers every exam they’ll need

Combination Straight truck School bus Heavy equipment Coach/Transit bus Service truck Concrete mixer Dump truck

ELDT Theory Curriculum & Cheat Sheets

The most intuitive, highly visual way to obtain ELDT certification. No boring lectures, no mind-numbing PowerPoints™, and no wasted time. Plus nine grab-and-go cheatsheets for every endorsement.

Show me a sample page

Night Mode

Your trainees will appreaciate this dark theme that gives their eyes a much-needed break.

Personalized study plan

We’ll calculate the optimal study schedule so your trainees are fully ready by the big day.

Voice Over

With VoiceOver, trainees can listen to each question. Great when English isn't their first language.

Try me
Lanes of traffic going in opposite directions are divided by
white lines.
black lines.
yellow lines.

Streamlined online CDL training for your new hires: complete with ELDT certification.

Accredited FMCSA theory training provider: over 58,000 trained commercial drivers since 2017.

Class A Exam Prep + ELDT

1 admin account + 1 reusable student seat
+ $50/month per each additional student seat if you need to train more than one driver at a time
Purchase Class A + ELDT
FMCSA-approved ELDT theory course
Required for Class A CDL
Covers the entire Class A curriculum
Fully online, nothing to set up
Instant reporting to FMCSA
Student progress monitoring
Available in both English and Spanish
ELDT certification for every driver
Reassign seats to new students at any time

HazMat Exam Prep + ELDT

1 admin account + 1 reusable student seat
+ $50/month per each additional student seat if you need to train more than one driver at a time
Purchase HazMat + ELDT
FMCSA-approved ELDT theory course
Required to get or renew HazMat
Covers the entire HazMat curriculum
Fully online, nothing to set up
Instant reporting to FMCSA
Student progress monitoring
Available in both English and Spanish
ELDT certification for every driver
Reassign seats to new students at any time

Class C Exam Prep

1 admin account + 1 reusable student seat
+ $50/month per each additional student seat if you need to train more than one driver at a time
Purchase Class C
CDL Class C permit theory course (ELDT not required)
Covers the entire Class C curriculum
Fully online, nothing to set up
Student progress monitoring
Available in both English and Spanish
Includes all endorsements
Reassign seats to new students at any time

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

"These practice driving skills exams make studying easier and less stressful."

Kansas Department of Transportation

"First-time driver or need a refresher course? Test your knowledge on the Rules of the Road here."

Frequently asked questions

Is this course ELDT certified?
Yes, it's a dual-purpose program offering ELDT certification and CDL permit exam prep. We're FMCSA-approved and align with 2024 federal guidelines. Upon completion, we digitally submit the ELDT certificate to the Training Provider Registry. CDL testing centers verify it before testing. Class A/B trainees should get the practical ELDT training locally. For HazMat, only a knowledge exam is required. More info ›
Who benefits from this corporate program?
  • Driver training firms
  • Entities outsourcing driver training
  • Public/private transit companies
  • Contractor businesses
  • Religious organizations
  • Camps
  • Truck schools
Post-signup process?
After payment, you'll access your Admin Dashboard instantly. An email with the receipt and payment details will follow. The dashboard comes with one student slot. Create an invite link for your initial trainee immediately or purchase more seats as needed.

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