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Welcome to our free Alaska Drivers Permit Practice Test. This test contains 40 multiple-choice questions that were designed specifically for Alaska, with targeted questions directly from the official Alaska Driver Manual. This will test your knowledge on rules of the road, weather conditions, and road signs in Alaska. Each of the 40 questions has four possible answers, and just one of them is the correct choice. Please choose the answer that seems best to you (for practice purposes we’ve included hints for every question, but please note that there will be NO hints on the actual Alaska permit test). If your answer is correct, you are forwarded to the next question. If not -- you will see an immediate feedback with the correct answer given to you by a green checkmark. In order to pass the Alaska practice permit test, you are required to score a minimum of 32 correct answers out of 40 questions.
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32 correct answers to pass (8 mistakes allowed)
Passing score required at the AK DMV: 80%
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Alaska DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:20
How many correct answers to pass:16
Passing score:80%

AK DMV Driver's Handbook

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