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What is included

Your online Drivers Ed program will contain the following information specific to your state:

  • 11 car practice tests
  • 9 motorcycle practice tests
  • 10 commercial vehicle practice tests
  • 3 online driving manuals: car, motorcycle, and commercial driver license (CDL)
  • FAQ section with detailed answers to over 100 DMV-related questions

Free for the library, free for the patrons

Free, ad-free, and registration-free Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) practice tests for car, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle licenses.

Good for the learner's permit test, driver's license test and refresher test for seniors.

In addition to being the largest and most visited independent online driver education provider in the U.S., actually helps aspiring drivers pass their driving knowledge test faster and more effectively - in fact, the patrons who take our practice tests and read the official manual are 73% more likely to pass than those who study the manual alone.

How this works

Our main public website is ad-supported, and the users who go there from search engines do see ads. The revenue we receive from advertisers on our main site allows us to sponsor the ad-free library program for public, school and academic libraries in the US.

Your library users won't see ads when they come through the link from your website.


Instant results after every question help your patrons stay focused and engaged. Instant gratification has been proven to improve retention.


Every correct and incorrect answer is clearly color-coded for instant recognition.


For every incorrect answer your patrons will see WHY the answer is incorrect

As simple as placing a link on your website

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    We send you a link to your library-branded, state-specific program website.
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    You place that link on your library website. Marketing Toolkit
  3. 3
    Your patrons click the link and access the driver education program.
Marketing Toolkit
"Omaha Public Library strives to connect people with information and resources to help achieve their goals in life. Being able to offer practice tests at no cost to the library or patron is a win-win."
Emily Getzschman Emily Getzschman, Omaha Public Library, NE

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
Do I need to install anything on the library web server?
How often are the materials updated?
What other libraries are using this Driver's Ed program?
Do you collect any sensitive information about our patrons?
How many patrons can access the program simultaneously?
Do you provide usage reports?
Accessibility is vital to our library. How does address this?
I have another question not answered above.

What other librarians are saying:

We are delighted to be able to link to in the Michigan eLibrary. We promote it whenever we can. The best thing about the website is that young drivers are so digitally oriented that this mode of preparation encourages them to better prepare for this important exam.

Deb Renee Biggs

Deb Renee Biggs
Michigan eLibrary Coordinator, Library of Michigan/Michigan Department of Education

We are on a budget, so having resources we can offer our patrons at little or no cost is always great. I also like that when patrons click on the link our library is identified and our state is featured.

Megan Buck

Megan Buck
Director at Dickinson County Library, MI

The practice tests are great. It motivated my son to take them all so he would be better prepared over using the book alone. Teenage boys aren’t always interested in getting information through books, but respond well when they can get instant feedback. My son passed the test on the first try and told all of his friends at school about the program.

Susan Jeffery

Susan Jeffery
Head Librarian at Cedarville Community Library, OH

It is free and easily usable. My patrons love it, it is beneficial to young people and old people who are wanting to learn to drive.

Patricia Costello

Patricia Costello
Bowie High School Library Media Center, TX

It's free and students can use it to help them be more successful the first time they take the test. I think it's easy to use and it gives feedback by telling you a score on a practice test.

Jeri Calcote

Jeri Calcote
Poolville High School Library, TX

What's the best thing about the driver's ed program? The easy availability of tests. No issues with logging in. A very thorough group of questions.

Teresa Tidwell

Teresa Tidwell
Director at Caruthersville Public Library, MO

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