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Practice on the go and offline with our DMV Genie app: increases your chances of passing the DMV written test by 73%.

We conducted a nationwide survey of over 500 visitors to the DMV. Eighty-five percent of those who took our practice tests passed the DMV written test, compared with forty-nine percent of test takers across the country. Practice tests are the best way for you to thoroughly prepare for the DMV knowledge test (written or computerized) and help you pass it on the first attempt.

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Prepare Smarter, Not Longer

Many people fail their DMV knowledge test because they didn’t adequately prepare for it. They mistakenly believe that studying their state’s driver manual is enough. Practice tests, on the other hand, provide you with numerous benefits that you won’t receive from studying alone.

See Your Weaknesses

While studying is important, DMV practice tests can highlight weaknesses in your knowledge. They show which areas you’ve mastered and which areas you still need to brush up on.

Improve Overall Learning

A recent study of ten of the most popular study techniques showed that practice testing improved overall learning and was the most effective way to receive a passing score. In fact, taking practice tests was more beneficial than spending the same amount of time studying!

Practice Really Does Make Perfect!

The DMV practice tests on are designed to mirror the real thing. These tests allow you to practice with multiple-choice questions that resemble those on the actual written knowledge exam. Practice tests help you determine which sections of the driver manual require your extra attention. You’ll also become accustomed to the format of the upcoming DMV written test, so you’ll be fully prepared on the big test day.

Not only do these practice tests increase your chances of passing by 73%, but they will also build your confidence and reduce test anxiety.


Instant results after every question help you stay focused and engaged. Instant gratification has been proven to improve retention.


Every correct and incorrect answer is clearly color-coded for instant recognition.


For every incorrect answer your patrons will see WHY the answer is incorrect

Structured for Success: 7 Elements to Help You Pass

  1. 1
    Smart hints: These help with tricky questions and steer you in the right direction (pun intended).
  2. 2
    Personalized Challenge Bank: The Challenge Bank is a practice test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your previous practice tests.
  3. 3
    Detailed explanations: When you make a mistake, we’ll immediately tell you why your answer is wrong, so you won’t make that same mistake again.
  4. 4
    Difficulty levels: Each DMV practice test has a difficulty level from Easy to Exam.
  5. 5
    New questions every time: To keep you focused, we randomize questions and answers each time you retake a practice test.
  6. 6
    Review every question:
    Learn from your mistakes.
  7. 7
    No registration required: Continue at any time from the exact place where you left off, without any passwords to remember.
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"I studied by looking over the driving handbook briefly and then mostly focused on taking these tests. I researched some other practice tests online; however these were the best out there that I could find and if I could do it again would just use this site. Take all of the tests until you can get a 100% and when you go in to take the test it will be a piece of cake. All of the questions were either the same as on this site or similar enough that I was able to take an educated guess based on the info that they provide after answering each question."
Tara Jones Tara Jones, Long Beach, CA

Designed for Your State

Each DMV practice test is designed to help make passing your knowledge test an easy and stress-free process. The multiple-choice questions are based on specialized information from your state's DMV driver manual. They test your knowledge of state-specific rules of the road so you can become a safe and responsible driver. The questions thoroughly check your understanding of your state’s laws and regulations, including road signals and signs, rules of the road, and safe handling of hazardous situations.

Take Them as Many Times as Needed

You can take these practice tests as many times as you wish. In fact, the more times you take practice tests, the greater your chances of passing the real exam with a high score. Psychological studies have shown that retention of information is higher if it’s learned over time. That’s why it’s best to start taking multiple practice tests a few weeks before the DMV knowledge exam. You can take the practice tests in any order, but most users progress from Easy Mode to Exam Mode. That way, you won’t miss any of those tricky questions about speed limits, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or fines. You can also take practice tests that focus specifically on road signs and road situations or on speed limits and legal penalties.

What other site users are saying:

I took my permit exam yesterday and passed with flying colors thanks to this site. I read the driver's manual once and did these practice exams over and over until I got 100% on them. Thanks to the makers of this site!

Andrea Silva

Andrea Silva

I found out that my DMV test was going to be in five days and found this site with a simple google search. The tests were pretty helpful in familiarizing myself with the manual and the kind of questions they may ask. I got 100% on my permit knowledge test!

Elizabeth Heaney

Elizabeth Heaney

I did my test yesterday and I passed both the practice test and driving test. Thank God for this site, I studied all the practice tests and that’s the reason why I passed.

Stacey Finegan Whittle

Stacey Finegan Whittle

I have gone through all the practice tests and passed the written test with ease in 15 min and 97% score. I really appreciate the efforts by this team to bring such useful material. If you can go through these tests, there is no chance that you cannot clear the main written test.

Ramesh Reddy

Ramesh Reddy
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

I failed the written test the first time I tried, but after studying the tests on this AWESOME site, I passed it with only 3 questions wrong, on my 22nd birthday. This tool ROCKED. Thanks so much!

Tom Reed

Tom Reed
New Jersey

I took the test today and passed, I literally knew every single question on that test, I looked around thinking to myself, Are they serious?! lol, If you want to pass, these practice tests will help for sure!

J RaWw Raymond

J RaWw Raymond