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AR DMV driver's license
Arkansas DMV Driver's License.

While Arkansas’ laws are a bit different from many states and allow for unaccompanied drivers as young as 14, any potential driver of any age must still pass a DMV test, as in any other state. The Arkansas knowledge test, which you must pass to get your learner’s permit, has 25 questions. You must correctly answer 20 of them. If you fail the knowledge test, you can re-test in five days. Once you pass the knowledge test, vision test, and provide appropriate identification, then receive your learner’s permit, it is valid for 12 months. In addition to other requirements for your learner’s permit, if you are under 18, you must also provide proof that you are enrolled at a school and that you have a grade point average of 2.0 or better. Just like this practice test, the exam will be administered on a computer, and the questions are multiple-choice. Once you are in the examination kiosk at the Arkansas State Police testing facility, you may also choose to take your knowledge test via an oral exam.

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Arkansas DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:25
How many correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply for Class D Instruction Permit14

AR DMV Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2019) official AR DMV Driver's License Handbook.


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List of questions (classic view)

Headrests should be adjusted so that the head restraint contacts the back of the head. This prevents
In Arkansas, it is illegal to drive, or to be a front-seat passenger
If there are no reduced speed limits posted at work zones, drivers should
What does this flashing traffic signal at an intersection indicate?
When drivers find a square sign with a white horizontal line inside a red ball, they must
When turning corners, turn the steering wheel using the
Do not _______ at crash scenes or at locations along the highway where a law enforcement officer may have a vehicle pulled off the road.
This “plus” sign is an indication of
In order to avoid last-minute braking or the need to turn, you should look down the road at least _______ in the city.
Before turning right, make sure that there is no traffic approaching
When changing lanes, look over your shoulder in the direction you plan to move to make sure there are no other vehicles in
This arrow sign indicates that
Drivers must be cautious if it starts to rain on a hot day because pavement can be very slippery for the first few minutes due to
When you turn from a high-speed, two-lane roadway, _______ if you have traffic following you.
If you cannot see 200 feet ahead, you may not be driving safely at
What does this sign mean?
If your vehicle speed exceeds 35 mph on a wet road or in the rain, your tires will start to ride up on the water, which is known as
Drivers must use the _______ to avoid crashes when following other vehicles.
Do not share a lane with _______ because they need extra space.
What does this sign mean?
If you are driving on a two-lane road, it is safest to drive your vehicle in _______ of your lane.
When you are passing a bicycle, and an oncoming vehicle is approaching, you must
You need a _______ gap whenever you change lanes, enter a roadway, or when your lane merges with another travel lane.
This curved arrow sign directs
You must not pass if you are _______ of a hill or curve.
At a stop sign, when you are waiting to turn right and a vehicle approaching from the left has its turn signal on, you must
If your vehicle is moving at a speed of 55 mph, you will travel over _______ in ten seconds.
You are sitting in the passenger seat of a stopped car. A second car runs into the passenger side door. Which way does your head move first?
What does this sign indicate?
Shared center lanes that are marked on each side by a solid yellow line and dashed yellow line are reserved for _______ and can be used by vehicles traveling in either direction.
When making right turns, drivers must avoid _______ before initiating the turn.
You should pull over _______ of the road, when you see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching from any direction.
A driver must _______ for a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing on the opposite side of the road.
What does this traffic sign mean?
Turn on your headlights _______, or at any time you cannot see a person or object clearly within 500 feet.
Drivers must avoid driving in no-zones such as
As per the law of Arkansas, if involved in a traffic crash or involved in a serious traffic offense, you can be charged with DWI with a blood alcohol content
Diabetic drivers who take _______ should not drive vehicles when there is any chance of going into shock.
This sign indicates that
An ideal position to place both hands on the steering wheel is at about the
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