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OH BMV driver's license
Ohio BMV Driver's License.

Updated for March 2019. The first step to driving in Ohio is to pass a BMV written test to get your temporary instruction permit, or TIPIC. If you’re 15 ½ or older, you are eligible to take the written test and get your TIPIC. The knowledge assessment will have 40 multiple-choice questions based on the 2019 Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws, which covers traffic laws and vehicle regulations. To pass, you’ll need to score a 75% or higher, so it can be useful to use BMV practice tests like this one. In addition to the written knowledge exam, you’ll also need to pass a vision test, and pay a $22 fee. Ohioans also have the option of signing up as an organ donor with their TIPIC, starting at age 15 ½ instead of the typical age 18 requirements.

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Ohio BMV Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:40
How many correct answers to pass:30
Passing score:75%
Minimum age to apply for Temporary Instruction Permit ID Card (TIPIC)15 ½

OH BMV Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2019) official OH BMV Driver's License Handbook.


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List of questions (classic view)

In which of the following situations are you NOT allowed to drive in the leftmost lane?
If you are approached by an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights and an audible signal, you must
On a two-way road in Ohio, you may ________ after stopping at a red traffic signal.
What does this sign mean?
In a school zone, the speed limit when children are going to or leaving school is
The letters "RR" painted on the pavement indicate that you are approaching
On a one-way street, you may park your vehicle parallel to and not more than__________ from the right or left curb.
This sign is used
If you want to make a turn, you must start to signal at least ________ before you turn.
A school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing on a street or road with fewer than four lanes. Which of the following is true?
To maintain a safe following distance behind the vehicle ahead of you, use
What does this sign indicate?
Which of the following statements about Ohio's speed limits is true?
If your vehicle stalls on railroad tracks when a train is approaching, what should you do?
When you are being passed by another vehicle, you must _________ until the other vehicle has safely passed.
What does this sign indicate?
It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of _______ or higher.
In Ohio, which of the following traffic violations carries six penalty points?
What must you do at a flashing yellow traffic signal?
What does this sign mean?
You may not use the opposing lane to pass another vehicle when you are
Within a city or town, the speed limit in alleys is
If you approach a vehicle with a triangular orange sign on its rear, what should you do?
What does this sign indicate?
In Ohio, it is illegal to make a left turn at a red light EXCEPT
On one-way roadways, solid yellow lines are used as
If you strike a deer and kill it, Ohio law requires you to
This sign and pavement markings allow
When you are closely following another vehicle at night, you must use
If an oncoming vehicle has its high beams on, you should look __________ until the vehicle has passed.
If the rear of your vehicle starts to skid on an icy road, what should you do?
At an intersection, what does this signal mean?
If you miss your exit on an interstate highway, what should you do?
Under Ohio law, children who are under the age of _______ or weigh less than 40 pounds must be properly restrained in an approved child safety seat.
You must use your headlights whenever you can't see objects __________ ahead clearly.
This sign indicates
Which of the following statements about pavement markings is correct?
Which of the following statements about driving in fog is FALSE?
While getting onto an expressway, you reach the end of the on-ramp. At this point, you should be traveling
What does this sign indicate?
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