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NY DMV driver's license
New York DMV Driver's License
Works forLearners Permit and Driver’s License
Based on2018 NY DMV Manual
Valid forJune 2018

The New York DMV test can be taken by anyone 16 years of age or older, as part of the process to get your learner’s permit. You’ll have 20 multiple-choice questions testing your knowledge of road signs, rules of the road, and safe driving laws. To pass the knowledge portion of the DMV driving test, you must answer 14 questions correctly, including at least two of four questions on road signs. There is no additional fee if you need to retake the DMV test. You may want to make a reservation online to take your NYS permit test in one of the counties associated with a larger metro area. Once you pass, your learner’s permit will be valid for 5 years. If you’re a US citizen, you can also apply for an enhanced learner permit that can be used instead of a passport to cross into Canada or Mexico. This DMV practice test will help you succeed as just like the actual knowledge test, it draws information directly from the 2018 New York Driver’s Manual.
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New York DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:20
How many correct answers to pass:14
Passing score:70%
Minimum age to apply for Class DJ Operator Permit16

NY DMV Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2018) official NY DMV Driver's License Handbook.


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List of questions (classic view)

You must NOT pass a vehicle from the left when
If drivers approaching from opposite directions reach the stop signs at about the same time, then
You must _________ for an emergency vehicle, if it is coming toward you with its lights flashing, even if it's in the opposite lane of a two-way roadway.
What does this sign indicate?
When making a turn, the law requires you to signal a turn with your directional lights or hand signals at least
You may not make a U-turn 500 feet in either direction from
As per New York state law, drivers must stop _________for a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing, even if it is on the opposite side of a divided highway.
Flashing red lights and lowered crossing gates mean that
A driver entering a traffic circle or rotary must yield the right-of-way to
When there are double solid lines next to your lane, you are
When another driver passes you on the left, you must _________ until the vehicle passes.
This flag person's signal indicates that
Which of the following methods is used to turn around on a narrow, two-way street?
You must NOT pass a vehicle on the right when
When you don't see a posted speed limit in New York City, you must drive at
This service sign shows the location of
To maintain a good space cushion between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead, you should use the
When confronted by an aggressive driver while driving, avoid conflict by
When a driver tailgates you, you must
This octagonal sign is
New York State law requires every occupant __________ to wear a seat belt.
What is the permitted speed limit for vehicles in roundabouts?
While driving in New York State, ___________ is a traffic violation, punishable by a fine of $100-150 and five license points.
This arrow-marked sign warns that
Which of the following statements regarding work zones is NOT true?
The risk of driving impairment begins to rise noticeably at a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of__________ and increases rapidly thereafter.
While driving, when you see a triangular road sign, you must
This sign warns you of
__________ are yellow and diamond-shaped with black lettering or symbols.
If your rear wheels start to skid, you must
_________ are designed to allow vehicles to slow down and leave the expressways.
What does this figure mean?
Your headlights must be on low-beam at night when you are within _________ of an approaching vehicle.
In heavy rain, a vehicle's tires may begin to ride on the water lying on top of the road pavement when traveling at high speeds. This is known as
For better visibility during rain, fog, and snow, you must keep your vehicle's_________ on.
This arrow-marked sign warns of
Two-thirds of all deer-vehicle collisions happen during the months of
If your tire goes flat while driving, you must
What should you do when your vehicle stalls on railroad tracks and you see an approaching train?
This regulatory sign indicates that
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