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SC DMV driver's license
South Carolina DMV Driver's License.
Number of tests:11
Number of questions:30
Passing score:80%

You will need to pass a written test consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions in order to receive either your learner’s permit or driver’s license in the state of South Carolina. In order to pass, you need to answer 80% of the questions on the test correctly. You may apply for a learner’s permit starting at age 15. However, you must take a driver’s education course to get a full license if you are under 17 years of age. The fee for a permit is $2.50. You will also need to pay a $2 fee to take the written test, whether you are applying for a permit or a license. All the information you need to answer any potential test questions can be found in the 2019 South Carolina Driver’s Manual, which covers topics such as safe driving conditions, how to handle weather and emergencies, licensing laws and limits, and what you need to know for your road skills test. Just like on the real test, you must answer 80% of the questions correctly on this South Carolina DMV practice test to pass.

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South Carolina DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:30
How many correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply for Class D Beginner's Permit15

SC DMV Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2019) official SC DMV Driver's License Handbook.


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List of questions (classic view)

On a two-lane road, if you encounter a stopped school bus with flashing red lights, you must
When you parallel park next to a curb, you must park within _________ of the curb.
Which of the following statements about speed limits is FALSE?
What does this sign indicate?
In South Carolina, you must dim your headlights whenever you are within ________ of an oncoming vehicle.
If you are involved in a collision in which you are not at fault, you must
You must not park your vehicle
What does this sign mean?
You are on a two-lane road. An emergency vehicle is approaching you with its siren and flashing lights on. You must
If your brakes fail while you are driving, you should NOT
If an oncoming vehicle has its high beams on, you should look __________ until the vehicle has passed.
What does this sign mean?
To maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel, you should
In South Carolina, whenever you wish to turn, you must start to signal the turn at least _______ in advance.
To turn around on a narrow, two-way street, you may make
What does this sign indicate?
Two vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection (i.e., one without signs or signals) from different roadways at about the same time. The vehicle _________ has the right-of-way
In South Carolina, it is recommended that you maintain a following distance of at least _________ behind the vehicle in front of you.
In South Carolina, you must have your headlights turned on
What does this sign indicate?
If your vehicle stalls on railroad tracks when a train is approaching, what should you do?
To turn the steering wheel at an intersection, you should use
When a driver extends his or her left hand and arm downward, it means that he or she intends to
What does this sign indicate?
When driving in fog, snow, or rain, you should use your
You have parked next to a curb, facing uphill. Which way should you point your front wheels?
On a highway with four or more lanes, slower traffic should always use
What does this sign mean?
All work zone signs have
In South Carolina, the driving privileges of a driver under 21 will be suspended if he or she is convicted of
Two solid yellow lines in the center of the road mean that passing is
What does this sign indicate?
To use a roundabout or traffic circle, you must
An Interstate System route marker sign is
At the end of most entrance ramps on freeways or interstate highways, you will find _________ that allows you to increase your speed.
What does this sign indicate?
If you miss your exit on a limited-access highway, you should
_________ are areas around trucks or other large vehicles in which other vehicles may disappear into blind spots.
Which of the following conditions is known as hydroplaning?
What does this sign mean?
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