Written by Andrei Zakhareuski. With over 16 years of expertise, Andrei leads Driving-Tests.org, a top online resource for driver education. His leadership has established vital partnerships with over 2,600 libraries, educational bodies, and state agencies.

Eco-friendly driving involves adopting driving habits and vehicle maintenance practices that contribute to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. Here are some tips to help you drive greener.

Smart Driving Habits

Accelerate Gently

Maintain Steady Speeds

Anticipate Traffic Flow

Vehicle Care

Regular Maintenance

Tire Pressure

Reduce Weight and Drag

Eco-Friendly Choices

Drive Less

Choose Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Use Air Conditioning Wisely

Adopting eco-friendly driving practices is a positive step towards a healthier planet and can also lead to financial savings through reduced fuel costs. By integrating these habits into your daily driving routine, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

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