How to Pass DC Permit Test

If you will be living in Washington DC for more than 30 days, you will need a DC drivers license to drive in the area. Getting your drivers license can be intimidating and difficult. Knowing what to do and what documentation is needed will save you from a lot of running around and from wasting time at the Washington DC DMV. This guide below is everything you need to know about getting your drivers license in Washington DC.

How To Proceed

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    Determine Your Situation

    The drivers license requirements are different for those getting a license for the first time and for those with a license from another state just looking to transfer. Which is your situation?

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    Transferring a License from Another State

    If you are transferring your drivers license from another state, you will need to go to the Washington DC DMV with your old license. You will have to turn over your old license before you can get a Washington DC driving license. Then just take a picture, pay the $44 fee and take a vision test. You can get your new DC driving license that same day.

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    Start Practicing for the Washington DC Permit Test

    Getting a first time license in Washington DC is a little more difficult. You first need to pass a written test. Pick up a copy drivers handbook from the DC Department of Motor Vehicles so that you can practice and learn the required information. This book is also available online.

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    Take the DC DMV Practice Test

    After studying the information in your handbook it is a good idea to test your skills by taking a practice test. You can find DC driving test questions online or may be able to get a few from a local driving school. Practice the questions until you are very comfortable with the style of test and the answers to all of the questions.

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    Gather Your Required Paperwork

    You will need to prove your identity, address and date of birth to get a DC driving license. Some acceptable forms of ID include birth certificates, passports, school records and government issued ID. For a complete list of acceptable documentation, please see the Washington DC DMV website.

  6. 6

    Take Your District of Columbia Driving Permit Test

    When you have the necessary knowledge and paperwork you can take your DC drivers permit test. This written test covers general knowledge and safety. If you have carefully studied your handbook and taken a few practice tests you should have no trouble passing the test. Retakes are possible if necessary although not on the same day.

  7. 7

    Use Your DC Drivers Permit

    to Practice Your Driving Skills

    Once you have your permit, make sure that you spend plenty of time practicing. It is important to be very familiar with operating a vehicle before you get your District of Columbia driving license. When using your permit you must have another licensed driver in the front passenger seat of the car to drive.

  8. 8

    Get Plenty of DC Driving Test Practice

    It is a good idea to use your time with a permit as practice time for your test. If you use each session to practice skills and focus on your test at all times you will find yourself better prepared and more likely to pass.

  9. 9

    Schedule Your Driving Test Appointment

    As soon as you are comfortable with your ability to safely drive, schedule your driving test appointment. Make sure that you schedule your driving test within 1 year of getting your learners permit or you will have to retest.

  10. q

    Pass Your Washington DC Driving Test

    Once you take and pass your Washington DC driving test you will have a drivers license. Remember that licenses for those under 21 may be provisional licenses. This is to help ensure that all drivers learn the skills they need to drive safely. Make sure that you know the restrictions that apply to your DC drivers license.

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