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How to Pass Your Kentucky DMV Test in 2018

Many people are very nervous when getting their first Kentucky drivers license. This is completely normal. The process can be complicated and intimidating. However, if you know what to do, the process is actually quite simple. This guide will help you prepare for and pass your Kentucky DMV test.

How To Proceed

  1. 1

    Research the Requirements for Kentucky Drivers

    There are several specific qualifications that you must meet if you want to legally drive in Kentucky. One is that you must be at least 16 to hold a permit. Drivers under 21 will hold a restricted permit and license. You must also be fit to drive both mentally and physically and cannot have a suspended license in any other state.

  2. 2

    Make Sure that You Have the Necessary Application Documents

    Before you can apply for a Kentucky drivers license you must first prove your identity. This requires you to furnish several documents that prove your age, name, address and more. Start gathering these early so that you will have time to order duplicate copies if necessary. A complete list of acceptable documents can be obtained from the Kentucky DMV, however this list often includes a birth certificate, social security card, passport or ID from another state.

  3. 3

    Contact the Kentucky Drivers License Bureau for a Drivers Handbook

    Your Kentucky drivers manual will be a priceless resource as you study for your Kentucky drivers permit. This guide is filled with information about laws and regulations for driving in the state and will help you to prepare for your permit test.

  4. 4

    Study Your Manual Thoroughly

    Once you get your manual it is a good idea to spend plenty of time studying. Make sure you read the entire manual. This manual is what they use to create the drivers test, so be very familiar with all of the information inside.

  5. 5

    Take a Kentucky Permit Practice Test

    When you have had plenty of time to study, you can test your knowledge by taking a Kentucky practice permit test. This test should be a multiple choice written test just like the actual test will be. Make sure that you can pass a practice test before you go in for a real test.

  6. 6

    Fill Out the Drivers License Application

    Before you can take your permit test you will need to fill out an application. Your license fees will be $20. You will need to supply your documents that you previously gathered at this time, so make sure that you take them with you. Your parents will also need to sign if you are under 18, so take them when you go to the DMV for your test.

  7. 7

    Take Your Kentucky Permit Test

    Once you pass your permit test you can start practicing your driving skills on the road. This test has approximately 40 questions and is multiple choice. If you have studied you shouldn’t have any trouble passing the test. If you do, you can always retake it at a later date.

  8. 8

    Practice Driving

    Now that you have your permit, you can start practicing. Remember if you are under 21 special provisions apply. These include that you cannot drive with any alcohol in your system, you must keep your permit for at least 180 days (over 21 drivers 30 days), no more than 1 unrelated person under 20 can ride in the car and more. Make sure you are familiar with these restrictions before you get your license so that you don’t make any mistakes and lose your license.

  9. 9

    Take Your Kentucky Driver Test

    Once you meet the qualifications, take your Kentucky driving test. You will need to provide your own vehicle with Kentucky license plates. If you pass, you can receive your license.

  10. q

    Drive Carefully and Enjoy Your Kentucky Driving License

    Congratulations on your new drivers license. Drive safely and keep practicing safe driving principles. Have fun with your license!

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