How to Pass Louisiana Permit Test

Getting your drivers license is a big achievement. If you live in Louisiana and would like to start driving, now is the perfect time to start preparing for your Louisiana drivers test. This test will require you to learn material related to driving and specific skills. In addition you will need to verify your identity and pay various fees. This guide will help you throughout the process of getting your Louisiana drivers license.

How To Proceed

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    Do You Meet the Louisiana Drivers License Requirements?

    Before you do anything else, make sure that you qualify for a Louisiana driver license. After all, why spend time preparing if you don’t qualify? You must be at least 17 years old and a resident of Louisiana. You should also be able to drive. You will have to take a vision test to verify your ability to see. You can wear corrective lenses if necessary.

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    Get a Drivers Handbook

    Louisiana drivers need to know the driving laws in the state. One of the easiest ways to learn the Louisiana driving laws is with the drivers handbook. This guide is available from the Louisiana DMV. Studying the information inside will help you prepare for your Louisiana DMV test.

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    Study the Handbook Carefully and Take a Practice Test

    Make sure that you spend plenty of time studying your handbook. A great way to know if you are familiar with the information is to take a practice test. Practice tests will help you to learn the information and to better understand the type and style of test that you will be taking. Find a practice test or two online. If you take courses in a Louisiana driving school you may also take practice tests as a part of your coursework. If you want to get a learners license you will need to attend Louisiana driving school.

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    Fill Out Louisiana DMV Paperwork

    While filling out paperwork is no fun, it is required if you want to get a Louisiana drivers license. You will need to prove your identity by providing documentation like your birth certificate, social security card and ID. A complete list of acceptable documents can be obtained at the Louisiana DMV. Your parents will have to sign if you are under 18, so be sure to bring them along.

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    Take Your Louisiana Permit Test

    Once you complete your paperwork you will need to pay a $15 application fee and $41 license fee ($51 if you live in New Orleans). Then you can take the multiple choice test. If you answer enough questions correctly you will receive your permit which will allow you to start practicing your driving skills.

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    Get Your Permit for Driving in Louisiana

    You can get your permit at 15 or 16 but you have to wait until you are 17 for your actual unrestricted license. You can get a learner license at 16. Make sure that you always have a licensed driver over 21 in the front seat when you drive.

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    Practice and Improve Your Driving Abilities

    Practice makes perfect. If you want to get your drivers license and pass your Louisiana drivers test, spend as much time possible practicing. Always keep your test in mind and always drive safely and carefully. If you practice good habits now you won’t have to worry when you take your test.

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    Schedule your Louisiana Driving Test

    Remember you will need your own vehicle to take the skills test. Make sure that you can provide a safe vehicle that is properly licensed and registered. Make an appointment by contacting the Louisiana DMV directly. Have your permit nearby when you call since you will need information off of your permit to schedule the test.

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    Take Your Louisiana Driving Test

    During your Louisiana drivers license test you will have to show your ability to safely drive. This includes skills like parking, reversing, stopping and driving with other vehicles. Your tester will give you information and direction throughout the test. Listen to them and drive carefully. The test is scored on a points system. Each minor violation is a point. If you get too many points you will fail the test. Major violations like dangerous maneuvers and breaking the law are an automatic fail.

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    Enjoy Your New Louisiana Driving License

    If you pass your Louisiana DMV test you will be able to get your license. Being able to drive is a privilege. Don’t ever take it for granted. Never drive while intoxicated, always obey the law and be aware of your safety and the safety of others. Congratulations on your new Louisiana drivers license.

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