How to Pass New Hampshire Permit Test

Driving in New Hampshire requires a drivers license. If you don’t have a license yet, or if you have just moved to the state, you will need to get a New Hampshire drivers license. This guide will help you throughout the process from getting your permit to passing the New Hampshire driving test. Getting your license can be a simple process if you know what is required.

How To Proceed

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    Make Sure that You Meet All the NH Drivers License Requirements

    Getting a license in New Hampshire is a little complicated. Before you go through all the effort of applying, make sure that you meet the requirements. Some requirements are that you be at least 16 and a legal resident of New Hampshire.

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    Those With a License From Another State

    Getting a New Hampshire driving license is easier if you already have a license from another state. If this is the case, you have 60 days to get your New Hampshire license. You will need to go to the nearest DMV location, pay the fee and provide proof of residency. In some cases testing will be required.

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    Study the Drivers Manual

    If you are applying for a first time license you will need to learn how to drive before you can get your drivers license. You can start by picking up a copy of the state’s drivers manual. This will be filled with useful tips, laws and other information that you need to understand to drive in the state. Get a manual online or at a DMV. Studying this manual carefully will help you to prepare for your New Hampshire DMV test. If you are under 18 you will need to enroll in New Hampshire driving school.

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    Take a NH DMV Practice Test

    Taking a New Hampshire DMV practice test is a great way to test your knowledge and to ensure that you are ready for your test. Pretend that you are taking the actual test and keep practicing until you can easily pass your test.

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    Fill Out an Application for a NH Youth Operator License

    Next you will go to the DMV and fill out an application. You can find a copy of this application online. Take this application to your local DMV with your birth certificate and social security card. You will also need to bring proof of your address which can include a postmarked utility bill.

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    Complete the Necessary New Hampshire DMV Tests

    You will need to pass an eye test, written test, pre-trip vehicle inspection and a road test to get your license. Before you get your New Hampshire youth operator license, you will complete the first 2 tests.

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    Practice with Your New Hampshire Youth Operator License

    If you pass your vision and written tests you can start practicing. In New Hampshire you will need to have a licensed driver in the car with you at all times. Other restrictions may apply, so be sure to find out all of the regulations while you are at the DMV.

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    Schedule Your Road Test

    Contact the nearest DMV location to schedule your road test. You will need to come to this DMV for your test, so be sure to make an appointment for a time that will work for you.

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    Take Your Final New Hampshire DMV Tests

    Now you are ready for your New Hampshire driver test. This test will consist of a pre-trip inspection and on the road skills test with an administrator. Make sure that you don’t speed, that you wear your seat belt and that you listen carefully to the instructions provided by your test administrator. You will need to bring a vehicle with you. Make sure that it is current on its registration and that it has insurance.

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    Get Your License

    If you pass all the required tests and pay your fees, you can get your license. Congratulations! Remember, you can renew your license online, so you won’t have to go in and complete this testing when your license expires.

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