How to Pass North Dakota Permit Test

Are you ready to start driving in North Dakota? Before you jump in the car, you will have to meet certain requirements first. These include filling out paperwork at the North Dakota Department of Transportation, getting a drivers permit and meeting the North Dakota drivers license requirements. The process can be a little difficult and this guide can help. Use the information in this guide as well as your local North Dakota DMV to learn everything you need to know to get a North Dakota driver license.

How To Proceed

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    Contact the DMV and Learn the Requirements

    You will need to meet certain requirements before you can drive in North Dakota. These include being at least 16 for a full unrestricted license or 14 for a restricted license. You must be a North Dakota resident and physically able to safely operate a motor vehicle.

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    Gather Your Needed Documentation

    You will need to provide certain documentation before you can get your North Dakota drivers license. There is an extensive list of acceptable documents available on the DMV website. Generally items like a US birth certificate, passport, military ID or temporary resident card will work. Bring your original documents, since photocopies are not accepted. Also bring your social security card.

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    Study the North Dakota Drivers Handbook

    While you are gathering the necessary documents, pick up a copy of the state’s drivers handbook and start studying. This guide will help you prepare for your North Dakota DMV test, so study carefully.

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    Find Your Nearest DMV

    Next you will go into the DMV and fill out paperwork. Make sure you go to a full service DMV. There are automated kiosks at various locations for getting a non-drivers ID, but these will not work for getting your permit. You can find a list of locations online.

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    Fill Out Paperwork

    Once you arrive at the DMV fill out the necessary paperwork. If you are under 18 you will need your parents to be with you. At this time you will pay a $5 fee for your test and a $10 fee for your permit.

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    Take Your ND Permit Test

    After you have filled out the necessary paperwork, you will be asked to take a vision test. You can wear contact lenses or glasses during this test, but then you must wear them at all times while driving. Your North Dakota permit test will consist of multiple choice questions about various topics from the drivers handbook. It is a good idea to take a North Dakota permit practice test before you go in to be sure you are ready. Each time you take the test, you must pay the $5 fee again.

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    Get Your Permit

    When you pass your test you can receive a permit. This will enable you to drive in North Dakota with a licensed driver over 21. If you are going to be driving out of state, be sure to check with the state you are going to just to make sure that your permit will allow you to drive there.

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    You can now practice your driving skills. Always practice with the test in mind and always have a licensed driver in the front seat with you. Try to practice in a variety of different North Dakota road conditions so that you will be prepared to drive in sun, rain and snow once you have your license.

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    Take Your North Dakota Drivers Test

    Once you are ready, schedule a test. During this test you will show your driving skills by driving with a test administrator. You will need to pay a $5 fee to take the test.

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    If you have met all of the requirements you can now receive your license. If you are under 18 it will have restrictions, so find out what they are. Keep using the principles you have learned to drive safely and enjoy your new driving license.

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