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North Dakota may not have any huge cities, but its scenery can’t be beat, and its lack of large cities makes commercial truck drivers more important there than in some other locations. In smaller towns and rural locations, people rely on bringing products from the outside, which can make getting your CDL in North Dakota a smart business decision, as there will always be job security. They may be testing delivery by drone in Seattle or New York, but only truck drivers are delivering through the Badlands of North Dakota. The first step to a career on the wild but beautiful roads of North Dakota is studying the 2024 North Dakota Commercial Drivers License Guide.

How to Prepare

The guide contains all the information you need to pass your written test, along with the information you need to pass exams to get endorsements to your license. These endorsements are necessary if you want to drive a vehicle with air brakes or a double/triple trailer, a combination vehicle, or become a school bus driver. Make sure you know which areas of the guide to study to pass your regular exam and the endorsements you need. The easiest way to study for your written exam is to read the guide carefully while taking notes. While reading it, include in your notes any sections that seem particularly confusing and difficult, so that you can review them again until you feel you’ve mastered them. If you feel your mind wander while studying, take a short break and possibly rest, as there is a lot of information to cover and it can start to become overwhelming unless you break it into manageable parts.

Final Steps

When you have finished studying, and you are preparing to go to the ND DOT to take your written test, review your manual and notes one last time. This will ease any nervousness and help remind you of any facts you may have forgotten. When you have studied the ND Commercial Drivers License Guide enough, you should pass your exam without any trouble, and you’ll be driving the roads of North Dakota soon.

The DMV handbook alone isn't enough

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