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Iowa is a state filled with amazing exports, from award-winning corn to beef that can beat steaks from anywhere in the world, but it relies on commercial vehicle drivers to get to reach buyers. The best way for you to enjoy a fulfilling trucking career in Iowa is to have the maximum amount of qualifications to stand out in your field, including your Hazardous Materials (HazMat) endorsement! To get one step closer to receiving that endorsement, today you will take a practice test with 25 questions that will get you comfortable with both the style of the real exam (multiple-choice) and the subject matter. This test has been written carefully by our experts and based on information directly from the Iowa Commercial Driver License Manual’s section on Hazardous Materials, so pay close attention to both the questions and the explanations, which contain information that may help you in the future. Once you receive an 85% or better on your practice test and study a sufficient amount, there is a good chance you will receive a passing score on your real exam. So study thoroughly, come back and practice as often as necessary, and soon you’ll be receiving that HazMat endorsement!
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