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IN BMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:50
Answer correctly to pass:42
Passing score:84%
Driving without a license is against the law – everyone needs to remember it every time they want to buckle up and start the engine. Fortunately, this problem can be helped. Take your BMV Permit Test – no one says it’s easy but it’s easier once you know how. And we bring you this opportunity – our 4th Indiana permit practice test is a close-to-real-life simulation that gives you a perfect idea of what a real BMV test is like without leaving home.
Our 40 multiple-choice questions is based on the new official Indiana Driver’s Manual and follow the same structure as the real thing. Now concentrate and start with the first one. Choose the best answer out of the four offered. Don’t panic if you feel confused – our hints are always here to help you. Look at the progress bar on the left-hand side of the screen. As long as it flashes green, you have nothing to worry about – you’re doing perfectly well. When it flashes red, it’s a different story – you need to stop and read the explanation of your mistake, so that you won’t make it again. Not satisfied with the result? Do the test all over again until you are – practice makes perfect.
No worries about payment requests – you won’t get any. Surprise? Yes, our IN permit practice test is brought to you free of charge – no fees whatsoever, and check this out – you won’t even have to register. Isn’t that cool? So tweet your friends about your discovery or simply hit the “Like” button above. Practice with us and get your driving permit! See you on the road soon.
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