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If you’re preparing for your CDL exams, it’s important to understand the retake policy. This ensures you’re fully prepared for all possibilities on your journey to becoming a licensed commercial driver.

Retake Intervals

After your initial test, a mandatory wait time may be imposed before a retake.

Fees and Limitations

  • Retake Fees: Each retake might be subject to additional fees.
  • Testing Limits: Some states limit the number of retakes within a certain time frame.

Preparing for Success


Study and Review

After a failed attempt, review your study materials and practice tests to identify areas for improvement.


Remedial Training

Consider additional training or courses to bolster your knowledge and skills.


Schedule Retake

Once you’re ready and the waiting period has passed, schedule your retake with confidence.

Remember, while the goal is to pass on your first try, understanding the retake policy helps manage expectations and plan your path to CDL success more effectively.

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