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Regular medical examinations are crucial for CDL holders to ensure they are fit to operate a commercial vehicle safely. Learn more on our DOT Physical Exam page.

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Understanding Medical Exam Requirements for CDL Holders

Vision tests evaluate visual acuity, field of vision, and color recognition. A Vision Evaluation Report by an eye specialist is required.

Preparing for Your DOT Medical Exam


Schedule Your Exam

Schedule your medical exam in advance of your Medical Examiner’s Certificate expiration to avoid certification lapse.


Gather Required Documents

Prepare your medical history, current conditions, medications, and any relevant medical records for a smooth examination process.


Undergo the Examination

Complete the DOT physical examination with a licensed medical examiner.


Submit the ME Certificate

Provide your ME Certificate to your State Driver Licensing Agency (SDLA).

Bring corrective lenses or hearing aids to your exam; you’ll be tested while using them.
A healthy lifestyle not only aids in passing your medical exam but also enhances your overall experience as a CDL driver.

Post-Medical Exam Steps


Receive Your Medical Certificate

After passing the exam, you’ll receive a medical certificate to carry while driving commercially.


Submit to Your State DMV

Submit your medical certificate to your state’s DMV, adhering to local requirements.


Keep Track of Expiry Dates

Mark your calendar with your medical certificate’s expiry date and plan your next exam accordingly.

Always carry a copy of your medical certificate while driving. Failing to do so is a federal violation and can lead to penalties.

Common Questions About CDL Medical Exams

Maintaining your CDL involves staying vigilant about your health and driving abilities. Stay informed, prepare adequately, and keep your commercial driving career rolling safely.

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