Written by Andrei Zakhareuski. With over 16 years of expertise, Andrei leads Driving-Tests.org, a top online resource for driver education. His leadership has established vital partnerships with over 2,600 libraries, educational bodies, and state agencies.

Gear Up for Your CDL Exam! Embarking on a journey to acquire your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)? Great decision! But let’s be honest, the road to passing your CDL exams isn’t just a stroll in the park. Fear not! We’ve scoured the highways and byways to assemble top-notch resources ensuring you’re geared up for every twist and turn of the exam.

1. Practice Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

Not just practice, but free CDL practice tests! These gems are crafted to mirror the real deal. Dive in, test your knowledge, and keep an eye on your progress. Remember, it’s not about getting it right once, it’s about not getting it wrong.

2. Your State-Specific Roadmap

Every state has its quirks, and so do their CDL handbooks. Grab your state’s roadmap from our CDL handbooks collection. It’s stuffed with all the must-know rules, regulations, and “did-you-knows?”

3. Go Premium or Go Home

Okay, don’t actually go home, but do check out our CDL Premium page. It’s the whole enchilada - ELDT theory certification, CDL exam prep, and a Pass Guarantee. It’s like having a safety net on test day.