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Demystifying the Air Brakes Restriction

Need a quick overview? If your CDL skills test was in a vehicle without air brakes, an Air Brakes Restriction is added to your CDL, barring you from driving vehicles with air brake systems.

Air Brakes Restriction at a Glance

What It IsRestriction added if CDL test was in a non-air brake vehicle.
ImpactLimits you to vehicles without air brakes, affecting job options.
Removing the RestrictionRequires passing a knowledge test and skills test in an air brake-equipped vehicle.
Benefits of RemovalExpands eligible vehicle types and job opportunities.

For CDL holders, understanding the Air Brakes Restriction is crucial. This guide breaks down what this restriction means and its impact on your driving capabilities.

Understanding the Impact of the Air Brakes Restriction

How to Lift the Air Brakes Restriction


Knowledge Test on Air Brakes

Prepare for and pass an air brakes written test at your local DMV.


Skill Test in an Air Brake-Equipped Vehicle

Successfully complete a CDL skills test in a vehicle with air brakes.


Update Your CDL

After passing the tests, get the restriction removed from your CDL.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Brakes Restriction

Driver’s Tip: Mastering air brakes enhances your driving skills, making you a more adaptable and attractive candidate for diverse driving roles.

Understanding and addressing the Air Brakes Restriction can significantly broaden your horizons in the commercial driving field. To access more resources and practice tests on air brakes, head over to Driving-Tests.org.

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