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In a hurry? Quick summary: The Passenger Vehicles (P) Endorsement is essential for CDL holders who plan to drive vehicles like buses that transport passengers. This endorsement ensures that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely transport passengers.
How to Obtain CDL Passenger Endorsement: Entire Process Explained

What is the Passenger Vehicles Endorsement?

Obtaining the Passenger Vehicles Endorsement


Pass the Written Knowledge Test

Study for and pass a knowledge test on passenger transport regulations, safety, and operational procedures.


Complete a Skills Test

Successfully perform a skills test in the type of passenger vehicle you plan to drive.


Meet Additional State Requirements

Some states may have additional requirements, such as background checks or additional training courses.

Key Topics for the P Endorsement Exam

FAQs on the Passenger Vehicles Endorsement

Pro Tip: Gain practical experience in passenger transport, if possible, as it will enhance your understanding of the responsibilities and best practices.

The Passenger Vehicles Endorsement is a key qualification for any CDL holder looking to operate a passenger transport vehicle. Proper preparation and understanding of passenger safety are vital for the endorsement. For additional resources and practice tests, visit Driving-Tests.org.

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