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What is Tanker Endorsement?

Tanker endorsement is an official authorization added to a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This endorsement allows the holder to legally transport large volumes of liquid and gas in tank vehicles. It is required for drivers who operate commercial tank trucks.

Tanker Vehicles Endorsement at a Glance

Knowledge TestFocus on safe operation of tank vehicles and liquid dynamics.
Additional EndorsementsHazMat may be needed for hazardous liquid transport.
Gallon ThresholdEndorsement required for vehicles carrying 1,000 gallons or more.
Water HaulingUnder 1,000 gallons can be hauled without the endorsement.
Safety ProtocolsEmphasis on leak checks and securement of tanks.

The Essentials

How Do I Get a Tank Endorsement for my CDL?


Knowledge Test Preparation

Begin with CDL training that focuses on tanker operations. Study topics essential for the tanker endorsement knowledge test, such as safe driving of tank vehicles and the physics of liquid movement.


State-Specific Requirements

Some states may have extra criteria, like the HazMat endorsement for transporting hazardous liquids.

Key Learning Areas for the Tanker Endorsement

Common Questions About the Tanker Endorsement

Driver’s Tip: Practical experience with diverse tank vehicles can significantly boost your skills and knowledge. Seek training or mentorship for hands-on learning.

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