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Georgia Motorcycle Manual 2019

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If you just can’t wait to ride through Georgia’s roadways on a motorcycle, take heart. Your goal is not that far off and this article will tell you why.

Types of GA Motorcycle Licenses

There are three different types of licenses which permit an individual to operate a motorcycle in Georgia:

  • Class M License – This license indicates the holder has passed the motorcycle examinations (road signs test, road rules test and on-cycle exam) and the vision test. The Class M allows the holder to legally operate a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle (including scooters, motorbikes and minibikes).
  • Class MP Learner’s Permit – These permits are valid for six months and allow the holder to get some real practice on a motorcycle. Holders of learner’s permits must be at least 17 years old and are restricted to riding in daylight hours only. They also cannot carry passengers, must wear safety gear and are not permitted to operate a motorcycle on interstates or expressways.
  • M Endorsement – This endorsement is placed on another class of driver’s license and allows the legal operation of a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP)

In order to improve the skills of riders and maintain the safety of roadways in Georgia, the state Department of Driver Services (DDS) offers options for professional motorcycle training. There are two programs operated by the Department, which are low-cost and highly effective:

  1. The Basic Course – This course is designed for absolute beginners and introduces the skills and attitudes necessary for safe operation of a motorcycle. Successful completion of this course means that you don’t have to take the Georgia DDS’ written test or the on-cycle license test.
  2. The Experienced Course – This course is designed for more experienced riders. It is meant to improve skills in maneuvering, braking, and cornering. The course also teaches some crucial “street strategies.” It can be taken as a refresher course, for veteran riders, or for those who have already completed the basic course.

GA Motorcycle Operator’s Manual

No matter what, it’s of absolute importance to get your hands on a Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. This book will introduce you to the basics of safe motorcycle operation, as well as the road rules pertaining to responsible riding. Whether or not you need to take the motorcycle knowledge test, the GA Motorcycle Operator’s Manual is a necessity on your reading list, if you are considering motorcycle operation in Georgia.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start reading the Motorcycle Operator’s Manual today (it’s available below) and join over 320,000 riders on Georgia’s roads!