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This site is amazing! I read through the book, then took every practice test for my state on this website, and passed with a 98%. The practice test questions are almost identical to the ones on the real test, and if you pass them, you will be sure to pass the actual test. It was so easy! I will make sure to recommend this to any of my friends who are trying to get their permit tests, because this site helps! ~ Casey P, Arizona
I didn't even read my handbook and I passed with a 98 percent! I missed one question and it was a "fines and limits" question, so study those extra hard. I wouldn't recommend NOT reading your handbook, though. Just cause I passed without reading it, isn't a guarantee YOU will. I was just fortunate. This website is truly a God send, thank God. Take the tests over and over until you're getting 100% every time. The questions are creepily IDENTICAL. ~ Nicole Simoletti, Las Vegas, NV
I am so glad I found this website, it helped me A LOT! With only two days to prepare, I did all six of the tests offered, and re-did the first one and the last one. I was so confident about passing the test, the only questions I got wrong were two about motorcycles and 3 others I cannot recall. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone who is wanting to prepare for the permit test. Just about 2 hours in total, I would say, of practice I managed to pass my test with a 75% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you ~ Walter Chica, New York
I recommend this site to anyone who is going to take their permit test, I went today and passed, so guys, you want your permit?? Take these tests and you'll pass I promise!!(: ~ Alyssa Beasley, Oklahoma
Thanks to this website I passed my learners permit test within 10 min and only missed 1 question. I recommend this website to everyone ~ Amber K, Kansas
I just took my test this morning and it definitely helped, I passed! There were a few questions that were basically exactly alike the ones on the test. Make sure you take all the tests they have, it really is worth it. ~ Claire Lynn, California
This is the best driving test preparation there is! Forget about reading the book, these tests are the best. I recommend it to all my friends. ~ Ana Paz, Florida
Today I went to take my permit test and passed! This website helped me prepare for the test, I don't think I would have been able to pass without it. It works, use this before you take your permit and you are guaranteed to pass! ~ Jaclynn S, NY
I passed today with 22/25 in MA. More than 90% of the questions were based on Fines/Suspension/JOL/Alcohol, only few questions were based on rules of the road. ~ Vivian B, Massachusetts
Hi all!! I am from the DMV area and Maryland is where I took my test! This website undoubtedly helped me in my success with passing the test.more than the book, this test provided a visual of how questions might look on the exam and it provided computer practice! ~ M Spriggs, Maryland
This test helped tremendously! I recommend doing every question, and making at least 90's before taking the actual test. It's also important to read the book front to back a few times. I passed with a 100! 🙂 ~ Shannon H, GA
This site is great. I kinda waited a while to get my permit but I decided it was getting late so I made a last minute decision to get my permit the next week. So I came here and studied the entire week for about an hour and a half each day and when it came to doing the test, I finished in about 6 minutes and only got 1 wrong out of 40 questions. ~ Aaron Hernandez, Florida
I took my exam today. This site is amazing. Just do the test and write down your errors. Then try to read the manual and read carefully those pages that you had incorrect answer on. ~ Aria S., MA
Used this website like crazy for I think a month. It was important I get my license and immediately! I read over the book, well, more or less. After using the driving practice tests I felt more confident. I took my test today and passed. 23/25 on my written and passed driving. I think this site and the practices helped me more than anything else! Thank you!! ~ Kaitlin V, Kansas
I was searching everywhere to find sufficient online access to actually help me study for my permit test over reading every inch of the book and falling asleep after 30 minutes. No other website that i went to had more than a test or two and gave you maybe 20 questions at max. Unlike those useless websites, there are many tests on here that really can help you feel confident before, during, and after your real test. I was talking big to my family, but was actually a little nervous but after about an hour and a half of browsing the tests and a little repetition, that test was too easy it felt like. SO yeah, these stories should convince someone "else" to trust in this site. Thank you all! 🙂 ~ Dwight Gist, Ohio
I spent a week on this website taking the practice tests and reading my driver handbook and at the end it paid off - I passed and walked out with my permit - thanks to this site.. Very very helpful and essential to passing!!!! ~ Demitri S., Florida
Literally didn't even study until the night before my appointment. Skimmed the driver's handbook I got from the DMV and took a bunch of practice tests and passed with only -3. Tr00 help. ~ Pedrom Sareminia, California
This website helped me so much!! Logged on not feeling very confident and today I passed with only one wrong! They really know how to create some questions!:) ~ Austin Wirl, Idaho
Thank u to this site! I took every test just about 6 times and thought I would fail and I passed! I only missed 7 and they were stupid common sense questions that I shouldn't have missed! Before I even went to take it I looked through all these success stories, and all of them really made me think I'd pass it because of all the studying I did on here! ~ Bria Mich, Ohio
Just wanted to let you know that these tests were amazing. I had glanced over the state booklet for Florida once or twice before until finding this site and that is when I realized i was not prepared at all. After taking and then retaking all the tests here, I ended up missing only 1 question out of the 40 for my state exam. Thanks again! I couldn't have done it without this site. ~ John Martin, Florida
I love this website, it has helped me a lot. It took me three tries to pass my permit test and today was the day that I passed:) 9/13/13. I passed with an 80% and I'm so happy and excited that I did it. Thank u Now I can start driving 🙂 ~ Crystalina Fierro, Las Vegas, Nevada
This website has helped me SO much! It's absolutely fantastic and really helps you with knowing the rules of the road. I took every single test more than once, including the marathon! I was so nervous for my test, but once I sat down at the computer and started, it was so easy! Once I got out, my mother was worried that I failed because of how quick I was! LOL. I only missed one question and am so happy to finally have my permit 🙂 I got it yesterday! These tests have passages from the drivers manual verbatim. My mother and I have been recommending this website to our friends. 5 starts definitely. One day I drove a car for the first time, a week later, I got my permit 🙂 ~ Imani Cooper, Arizona
This site was a big help and the most important part of preparing for my written exam. Because the practice tests covered more than the study questions at the of each chapter in the Rules of the Road, it made studying and taking my test simple and easy. If you can pass the tests on here without having to look up and think about each question then the written test won't be the least bit challenging. Many of the questions on the written exam were the same as in the practice tests, just worded differently. ~ Frederick G, Illinois
This website is great! When I began studying for my permit test, I read through the manual and highlighted but I just could never retain information for some reason. I decided to look for some practice tests and this website popped up. Thank goodness I found it! I took every single practice test at least twice, sometimes three times just to make sure I knew everything. Then today I went to the BMV to take my test and it literally took me 10 minutes - I knew nearly everything! I passed the test with a 98%!! I know I could not do it without Thank you guys so so so so much for this wonderful website! ~ Abi Oni, Ohio
I studied the practice permit test questions on this website for over 2 months and when I went in to take the test I was fully prepared! Many of the questions were very similar to the ones from the website. I'm so happy I chose to use this site and will be sharing it with friends who are going to take their permit tests next. I got 100% of the questions right on the test and am so grateful for this website. ~ Meredith V., PA
Usually I do very poorly on tests, so I was very frightened to take the permit test. To combat my fears, I did every test that this site has to offer. If I was unable to get 100% the first time on each test, I redid that test until I got 100%. I crammed for an hour before I took the actual test and only missed 2 questions. I recommend this website to everyone who asks me how I got such a good score! ~ Winter Smith, California
I used this website to study for the SC motorcycle permit test. I tried a couple of different sites, but quickly determined this was the best one. I really like the short and marathon test options. After reading the SC driver's manual I practiced on this website and had no trouble passing the test today! ~ Kim Moore, South Carolina
Well, I'm 23 years old and I've had a slight fear of driving since legal age. I got the constant nagging from people that I needed to start the process, but always turned the other way. I failed my permit test in March 2011 and was devastated. I had it in my head afterwards, that it was not even worth picking up that book ever again. In the past couple of weeks, I decided I needed to make my own luck and get control of my life. I studied this site constantly, making note-page after note-page, and passed my test this morning with flying colors. 20/21 correct. Thanks so much to the creators of this website, it helped incredibly! ~ Steve Carlson, North Carolina
Took my permit test for the third time yesterday and I would not have passed if I hadn't used these practice tests to help me study. This site is awesome, it makes everything so much easier to understand and you retain information better by taking the tests. So helpful, see you guys on the road! ~ Stephanie O Reilly, Connecticut
I am really happy that I found this website, it really helped me to pass the test, the questions are so similar and, with this test you can learn easily the rules, I will tell that the real test is not super easy, but concentrate, read slowly till you understand the question, don't try to guess, if you don't feel sure about your answer you can skip the question, you can pass it too, this website helps a lot. ~ Maria Ballard, Oklahoma
This site is awesome. I read the book and did the practice questions but felt that I needed more. Doing the multiple choice practice test showed me my weak points, helped me study better and gave me the confidence I needed. Took the test today and passed. ~ Amars B, Maine
I have been studying my Ohio handbook digest for over 3 months but it never got stuck to my head till I found this website. I tell you what I started taking this practice test for just a couple of weeks and it helped a lot. I mean it's way easier to understand the rules and signs on the road. Today I took the test and passed it in one time! It's an awesome feeling to know you are confident to take the test through the help of this site. The practice test is 95% the same with the real one. Also u might wanna practice the fines and limits. Whoever made this site bless your heart you give me confidence to take the test and without a doubt I took it in less than 15 minutes because I already knew the question and answer. Now I'm ready to sit behind the wheels! ~ Cecile W, Ohio
These tests are excellent preparatory material. It was difficult reading all the material though I did complete reading it. It was only after taking the practice tests did I become comfortable. The practice tests on this website are a bit more difficult than the actual test. After I had taken 5 practice tests I was extremely confident. I passed the test with just one question incorrect. It was an easy one, the 'hand signal for stop sign', - don't know how I got it wrong. At the test I did not have any questions on fines which are the most difficult ones. Just doing the basic practice tests would have been more than enough to pass the test. Do these practice tests - that's the easiest way to pass the tests in my opinion. ~ Hemanth K, Arizona
I just came back from taking the permit exam and it was easier than I thought it would be, thanks to If you go over these practice tests thoroughly and feel confident in them, then you will most likely pass the test! Don't be lazy though, reading the book will only increase your possibilities of passing! ~ Jose Rivas, California
I literally read the book, once, I came to this website and was unsure about the whole thing. GUYS THIS IS THE WEBSITE TO BE ON. I breezed through the test after practicing! Thank you so much! Very helpful! ~ Tyler Roll, Ohio
This really helped me. Read the book two years before then I just was taking these test and I only missed 2 questions on my actual test. This is so helpful, be glad it's free. ~ Jonathan G., South Carolina
I just got back from the DMV today and passed only missing 3! Who knows if I didn't find this site out. Studying could never be so easy! I would strongly suggest for practicing before you do the real deal! ~ Daniel Belle, California
This is the absolute best study tool for the written test! I passed the test easily by doing each practice test on this site every night before I went to the DMV and once I did the questions were either very similar or the same as the real test questions. I am so happy I used this to study from instead of reading the manual over and over. This is much more helpful because it is in the same exact form as the DMV permit test. Thank you for having this website available, you rock!!!! ~ Kayla Ferroli, New Hampshire
I took the class in December. I tried the driver's manual and found myself getting bored quickly and the material just wouldn't stick. Then, my parents found this site, and it worked! I took my permit test today and out of 25 I only got 3 wrong. Even on some of the questions I truly didn't know this site had taught me to think relationally. This site works, the tests work! This site is amazing! ~ Nate Barr, Massachusetts
I passed my permit today and I used this website to study mostly! I didn't want to print out the manual which is 100 pages and I really didn't want to read it. I used this website for a week straight around 30-60 minutes a day and I did the marathon test around 5 times. If you get a good result on the practice tests you should be okay for the real permit test. I got only 1 or 2 wrong and I passed 🙂 This website really helps I recommend it to anyone who wants to get their permit. ~ Sandy Swag, CT
Thank u to this site I only spent 1 1/2 weeks on this website on my phone and on laptop it was so much fun like how they give u a hint and if u get the question wrong they explain to u why the answer would be something else. I passed today with only 3 wrong. I love it I will be highly recommending this site to my friends and others. Thanks I really appreciate ur contrubution to helping others out. ~ Joshua Anderson, Minnesota
Wow. That's all I can say. This helped SOOO much. My brother and I both tried using the book to study....and that didn't work out so well...then we found this site. Thanks to it, we both now have our learners permit 🙂 Many thanks!! ~ Julia Coniglio, Iowa
The site is wonderful! I took the test ONE TIME after using the site and I'm telling you if you are trying to prepare for the test you REALLY need to make use of the site. I went in and there were folks ALREADY taking the test, when I got done with my test those SAME people were STILL sitting there smh. Got up to the front she said, you got em ALL right. I keep trying to tell folks but people are hard headed, the site HELPS AND I MEAN A LOT:) SO THANKS:) 10X's ~ Lisa Winfield, New York
Thank you so much! This was a huge help that helped me pass the permit test the FIRST time. This beats having to take permit classes that cost a lot of money because instead I can come to this FREE site taking advantage of this opportunity! Thank you so much!!! ~ Elizabeth Mercado, Colorado
I went to take my permit test today. I didn't exactly pass with flying colors, in fact I was one wrong answer away from failing. But if I didn't find this site and take the tests I wouldn't have just failed the test, I would have bombed it so badly it wouldn't even be funny. This site made the difference between passing and failing for me. The questions were a lot like the ones on the test, though some of them were tricky questions, so yeah. This site was very helpful in many ways. It was much more useful than the handbook, which was long and boring and I had trouble memorizing everything in there besides the signs. ~ Kelly, South Carolina
Thanks to your tests I knew every single one of the answers to the permit test. This is a great site. ~ Brandon McMillan, South Carolina
The 5 practice tests on this website are really useful. I just passed the exam today. Try to practice the 5 tests repeatedly until you are confident enough to pass these tests. Almost same questions or similar questions. ~ Santro Hyundai, Idaho
For a few months, my mother and I have been throwing the idea around about me getting my permit. But of course, me being the procrastinating teenager that I am, I didn't study. I took a few of these practice tests some time before we even talked about it, but I didn't take it too seriously. Fast forward to September 6, my mom tells me to make an appointment for the next day!! I was freaking out because I wasted all these months with little effort put towards studying. Remembering I had used this site before (but I forgot the name, so I googled it), I came and took each test. I even re-took a few at least twice. I did feel like it was great practice, but I was still so nervous. Well, I had my test this morning...AND I PASSED! I'm going to recommend this site to my friends. Hopefully everyone who comes across this site will at least try out one test. It's really helpful and organized, so it's easy to learn the information even if you get a bunch wrong. ~ Nyala Allen, California
Wow I cant believe I passed my permit test at age 47 and it feels so good! This site is all that and a box of popeyes chicken. Now I am helping my husband with his and I am sure that he will pass with flying colors. A very helpful site, thank you so so so much! ~ Tracey Byrd, Pennsylvania
Did all of the motorcycle tests twice and didn't miss a question on the test!!! These tests really do prepare you for the actual one and I recommend them to everyone!!!!! ~ Anthony Z, Pennsylvania
Holy Molly this site is the best took all six tests a few times and passed my permit test the first time and I didn't even have to read the book (This site is the bomb). ~ Martin Gomez, NY
I don't really like reading, so when I was told I would have to read the driver's handbook, I was really not in a good mood. Then, I decided to look up online tests. And this site came up on the search. I failed the first few tests but then eventually I passed them. Then, the night before I went to the DMV, I took one last test. When I was taking the test at the DMV, I realized it's the same as this site's and I attained a 40/40. I recommend this site to everyone. ~ Fati J, Tennessee
I used this site for 2 weeks and I went to take my permit test. I passed it the first time and it only took me 12 minutes. This site really helps! ~ Jazz Jones, Texas
After I read the whole DMV manual I still thought to myself I was missing things. My friend told me about this website and instantly I fell in love with it! IT REALLY HELPS!! If you dont want to read the book just go to this website! After completing all the tests I passed my real one with a perfect score! ~ Jake Sellers, Las Vegas, Nevada
I was so nervous before I took my driver's permit test. I practiced the 5 tests on multiple times before my appointment, and I passed on the first try. A lot of the questions were actually on my test. When the lady was preparing my test, you could see that all the written tests are different, so this is good to keep in mind. This website helped me so much, and it will help you too! ~ Ilana Dvorkin, California
I really wanted to get a permit so I can start driving by the time I become a senior in high school. This year i'm a junior. Anyways, I searched online & happened to choose this site thinking it would help me more than other sites I've tried. I was lucky I found this because the permit practice tests helped me 100%. After a week of studying including a quick review right before taking the actual test, I passed it in a matter of minutes. It was my first time taking it & I was over the bar nervous! But once I saw the first question, my confidence overtook to nervous out of me. This practice will save you a bunch of the money in your pocket, I guarantee it! =] ~ Miguel Boado, Florida
I am An Asian and just got here in California not too long ago and I took my test this afternoon and I passed! Thanks sooo much! You made it so easy for me... ~ Jackie Bower, California
As I went to take my permit test today, I was incredibly nervous, but as I began to take the test, I realized that the questions were pretty much exactly like the ones on this site. Without the help of this site, I would have remained a nervous wreck and would have probably failed. ~ Keana Jones, Alabama
These practice tests really work. At first I was really worried about getting my permit but after taking all the tests frequently, I was not nervous anymore. I passed my first time with flying colors! Just make sure that you do look through the book. There is some information that you need to know from that, but these practice tests work wonders. ~ Se O, Wyoming
These practice test really helped, especially the third practice test. It had identical questions to the actual temp test. I passed my temp test the first time ~ Dar'Nae Jones, Ohio
If you want to get your permit on your first try, this is the website to do it on. It gives you the perfect step-by-step process on how to study for the test and the best part is that it's free. ~ Awab Mohmed, Connecticut
I failed my test 7 times. Then I found this site and passed today. ~ Miss Deng, Iowa
I couldn't be more grateful to!! It had helped me pass my permit test so easily... I, like all people searched online for free online practice quizzes and after reading people's success stories on this site, I thought I should give it a try... I bookmarked this site and for 3 weeks all I did was practice... Today when I took the test I realized that almost all of the questions were literally the same! I definitely recommend this site to every person who is taking the permit test cuz it really helps!! Once again Thank you so much rock! 🙂 ~ F I, New York
Superrrrr helpful! The questions were exactly like the real permit test. I finished my permit test really fast too because I already knew the questions from here! LOVE THIS WEBSITE! =] ~ J S, New York
This test was exactly like the permit test! I passed with flying colors! I only missed 2 and on that day, I saw other people from my school take it and failed - I said "Well, you should have practiced on!" lol 🙂 ~ Jordyn Tichenor, Indiana