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CA commercial driver's license
California Commercial Driver's License.

Before heading to the California DMV to take the General Knowledge exam to receive your Commercial Driver’s License there are a few things you’ll want to consider. How much do you know about escape ramps or how to assess the proper following distance behind another vehicle? Whatever you think you already know, you’ll want to check your knowledge against the official California Commercial Driver’s Manual and take some practice tests to hone your answers. The exam can be tricky and you only have an hour to answer the 50 questions. Get just 10 wrong and score below an 80% and you are looking at another trip to the DMV on another day. If you want to avoid multiple trips, you also need to be ready with all the qualifying paperwork. Are you medically fit to drive a commercial vehicle? You’ll have to prove it with a certificate from a licensed medical examiner, as listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. Certificates last two years unless you have a condition that needs monitoring, like high blood pressure. Then you also need to have proof of citizenship or permanent residency. Your social security card or birth certificate will be sufficient. Then you’ll also need to make sure you have a valid driver’s license. With all that together, and your developed knowledge of escape ramps, you’ll be all set. Start your journey today with our free CA CDL General Knowledge Practice Test!

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California CDL General Knowledge Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:40
Passing score:80%

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