CDL Knowledge Exam Mistake #3: Carelessness from Overconfidence

CDL Knowledge Exam Mistake #3: Carelessness from Overconfidence

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I’m about to tell you the secret every successful test-taker understands.

Why do even the most prepared students fail?

To answer that question, we need to dig into the third and final costly preparation mistake aspiring drivers make:

Preparation Mistake #3:
Carelessness from Overconfidence

Following your study plan, you thoroughly prepared for the knowledge test. You’re supremely confident that you can ace the test with ease. You stride into the testing facility, zip through all the test questions in record time – and are then stunned to learn that you didn’t do as well as you expected.

What went wrong?

It’s possible that you were so overconfident that you became careless.

It’s a common trap that I’ve seen so many aspiring CDL drivers fall into.

The CDL or CLP knowledge test is a multiple-choice test. For each question, you must select the best or most complete answer from the ones provided. You may have misinterpreted a question and proceeded to select the wrong answer. Alternatively, there may have been more than one plausible answer to a question, and you failed to pick the best answer.

Why is this? What can we do about it?

When you take the knowledge test, be confident that you can pass it – but still give each question your careful attention. Resist the temptation to rush through the test, leap from your seat, and dash out the door. Remember that you don’t get any extra credit for finishing the test quickly. Budget your time and make full use of all the time allotted to you to give the test all the attention it deserves.


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