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KY commercial driver's license
Kentucky Commercial Driver's License.

If you’re looking to get your Kentucky Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), you are going to have to leap the hurdle of a General Knowledge exam. The test contains 50 very specific multiple-choice questions that you only have an hour to answer. Get just 10 of those questions incorrect and you are going to be leaving the KSP with your head hung low and will have to find another weekday to return, wait in line all over again, and retake the test. You can’t take the test more than once per day. However, a low score on the exam isn’t the only thing that will send you home from the KSP without the CDL you are seeking. If you don’t have the correct paperwork together, you’ll be scrambling back and forth. While most of what you need is obvious — a valid driver’s license and proof of permanent residency or citizenship — you also need a document that you may not have had the foresight to have obtained. A medical examiner’s certificate is something that you get from a medical professional that states that you are physically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle. Usually these last two years, unless you have a condition that needs monitoring, like high blood pressure. You cannot get these from just any doctor or nurse, the examiner has to be listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. Once you have all that ready, you are ready to take the test, right? Oh wait — did you study? The questions are not just common sense, but have to do with rules of the road involving timing in driving and exit ramp protocol. It’s imperative to study the Kentucky state commercial driver’s manual and allow us to suggest taking some of our practice tests. Our CDL General Knowledge tests clock your score, give you hints, and make sure you have the confidence to face the test and pass the first time. Start studying today!

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Kentucky CDL General Knowledge Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:50
How many correct answers to pass:40
Passing score:80%

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