Parent-Driver Contract

Be safer and drive smarter

Every teen looks forward to getting their license, and every parent is just as excited to watch their son or daughter grow up to face new experiences and challenges.

Along with this excitement, however, there is an element of worry. Parents know that driving can be fun, that it can be liberating, but that it can also be dangerous. To ease this concern and establish a basis of trust, a parent-driver contract provides the opportunity to form an open line of communication about the importance of safety and the expectations that come with the new and profound responsibility of driving.

This parent-driver contract may seem rather formal, but it is nothing more than a symbol of the great passage of knowledge that goes into learning to drive. It provides a moment for parent and son or daughter to reflect on the many things that go into being a safe and responsible driver. It’s not the sort of contract that would ever hold up in any court, but more of a pact. It’s a pact between parent and teen that says that says nothing more than “I’ll be a good teacher, if you are a good student”.

Download the contract (PDF, 4.1Mb)

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