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As a commercial truck driver for the state of Vermont, you might find yourself hauling hay, lumber, or their world famous maple syrup, or possibly the state’s largest export of computer processors. The Green Mountain state has a varied range of exports that are carried throughout the rest of the state and New England. And while they depend on trucking for transporting some goods from the state, Vermonters depend on truckers to bring in 97% of the products they use day-to-day. For those interested in becoming a part of this strong economy and starting a career as a commercial trucker, the first step will be to get a commercial driver’s license. To get your CDL in Vermont, you’ll need to take a written knowledge test to get your commercial learner’s permit. To prep for your written exam, you’ll need to download and study the 2024 Vermont Commercial Driver’s Manual.

How to Prepare

Sit down with some paper, a pen, read the entire manual, and take notes as you go along. There will be hundreds of possible questions you could be asked, so it will be important to study thoroughly. You’ll most likely also want to take one or more written tests for endorsements that you can add to your license such as Hazmat, passenger transport, combination vehicle, multi-trailer, tanker, and/or school bus driving. The written exam will be comprised of multiple-choice questions, and you’ll need at least an 80% to pass so you’ll need to keep your mind sharp while you’re studying. Don’t let your thoughts drift, and if they do, take a short break or walk around the block and then come back and focus on the reading. Remember that what you’re learning will not only get you on your way to have a commercial driver’s license, but it will ensure that you are a safe and confident driver to protect you, your cargo, and the others with whom you will be sharing the road. After you’ve read the whole manual, check your notes and look for any areas that are still unclear to you or seem hazy, and then reread those sections to make sure you’ve committed them to memory.

Final Steps

Even if it seems like overkill, it’s helpful to read over the manual and your notes one more time before you head off to take your written knowledge test to keep it all fresh in your mind. Don’t stress, as if you stay calm and remember what you’ve studied, you’ll do great!

The DMV handbook alone isn't enough

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