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WA CDL General Knowledge Exam Simulator 2023

What to expect on the actual WA CDL exam

  • 50questions
  • 40correct answers to pass
  • 80%passing score

If you are looking to get a Commercial Driver’s License in Washington state, you have to follow their instructions closely. First that means getting the documentation required. The Washington DOL requires that you present a Medical Examiner’s Certificate which can only be obtained from a licensed medical examiner as listed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. This certification is to prove that you are physically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle in Washington. Then you’ll also need a valid current driver’s license and proof of permanent legal residence or US citizenship, like a green card, birth certificate, or social security card. But having your paperwork in order is just one part of the puzzle. Before you can get your CDL you’ll need to pass a 50 question General Knowledge exam. The test has to be completed in less than an hour and you need to get at least 40 correct to receive a passing grade. Get less than the required 80% and you fail and will have to take the test again another day. That means heading back to the Washington DOL and going through the whole process again. Instead, make sure that you do not have to visit the DOL more than once by studying properly for the test. To get ready, first find the official Washington Commercial Driver’s Manual. Once you read that text closely, we suggest you look to our CDL General Knowledge practice tests to make sure you are ready to take the exam at the DOL. Our practice tests put the facts you learn in the manual in context and the questions are very similar (if not identical) to what you’ll face on the exam. With hint features and a tracking option, you’ll be able to build the confidence you need to pass the real test on the first try. Start studying today!

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WA commercial driver's license

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  • First-time WA CDL and CLP applicants
  • CDL holders adding endorsements
  • WA CDL renewal applicants

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WA commercial driver's license

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