How to Pass Nevada Permit Test

Driving requires special knowledge and skills. It can also take a lot of practice. If you want to legally drive in the state of Nevada, then you need to have a Nevada driver license. This is a requirement for all residents that want to drive. Getting your license can be a confusing process. This guide will help you to know what steps to follow and will save you a lot of time and hassle. Good luck and have fun working toward passing your Nevada DMV tests.

How To Proceed

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    Start By Researching the Requirements

    Before getting a license you need to make sure that you qualify. Find out the requirements for driving in your state by contacting the DMV or looking online. Some of the requirements in Nevada are that you must be physically able to drive, cannot have a suspended license in another state and you must be at least 15 ? for a permit or 16 for a license. If you are under 18 you should be aware that special restrictions apply and that you will need to complete Nevada’s teen driving program.

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    Determine the Licensing Process for You

    There is a different licensing process for drivers over 18 and drivers under 18. Determine where you fit in and find out the requirements for you. If you are under 18 you will need to enroll in drivers education before you can get a license, even if you are home schooled. Start looking for a program so that you can enroll. You can enroll in drivers ed any time after your 15th birthday.

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    Gather the Necessary Documents

    You will need to provide documentation to the DMV that proves your name and identity. In Nevada this will include a US issued birth certificate and a social security card. You will also need to complete an application. You can get one from your DMV or print one off online and take it in with you.

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    Study the Nevada DMV Handbook

    One of the most useful tools for getting a Nevada drivers license will be your DMV handbook. Pick one up at the DMV and use it to study. Make sure that you read the entire handbook from cover to cover and that you study the information inside. This will be the basis for your Nevada DMV written test, so pay attention.

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    Take a Nevada DMV Practice Test

    Since the handbook covers so much information, it is a good idea to test yourself before you take your actual permit test. This will help you to know which areas need additional studying and will save you from having to retake the test and spend additional time waiting at the DMV. Taking a DMV practice test in Nevada is a great idea, so find a couple online and test your knowledge.

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    Fill Out Your Application and Provide Documentation to the DMV

    Next you will go to the DMV and provide your application and paperwork. It is a good idea to fill it out before you go in, so that you are ready as soon as you get there. If you are under 18, make sure to bring a parent along.

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    Take Your Written Test

    Once you complete the application, you will need to take the 1st half of the Nevada DMV test, or the written test. This will test your knowledge of the information in the handbook. The test is 50 questions and you must get 80% correct. If you have studied and taken a Nevada permit practice test, you shouldn’t have any trouble. The fee for a permit or license in Nevada is $22 and is payable by cash, check, debit or credit card. Your testing fee is $25 which covers all of the necessary testing. If you have to take a test multiple times there is a $10 retest fee each time for each test.

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    Practice Driving

    Now that you have a Nevada drivers permit you can practice driving. Make sure that you get lots of practice in. You must have a licensed driver of at least 21 in the front seat. They must have at least 1 year of experience. Drivers under 18 need at least 50 hours of practice with 10 at night.

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    Take Your Skills Test

    You will need to schedule your driving skills test online or by phone. Make sure that you have your permit number when calling as you will need this to schedule an appointment. When you come for your test you will need a parent (if under 18), your permit, proof of identity, drivers ed completion certificate (if under 18), driving log (if under 18), vehicle with current registration and insurance. Speeding or failure to yield during the test will result in an automatic fail. You will need to pay a $3 fee to turn your permit into a license.

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    Get Your License

    Once you pass your skills test, you are ready to be a licensed Nevada driver. Congratulations! Enjoy your new license.

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