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Nevada Motorcycle Manual Online 2019

How does this work?

It may seem daunting, but getting your Nevada Class M driver license is a worthwhile goal to strive after. The information and resources presented here will help you break down the process into steps, so that getting on the road doesn’t seem so far off.

The More You Know…

The state of Nevada offers rider education courses called “The More You Know, the Better It Gets.” These educational courses are developed and run by the Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program and are designed to give participants knowledge of what riders and their motorcycles can do. Participants often come away from the experience with new skills under their belt.

Nevada Motorcycle Testing Procedure

Before issuing individuals a motorcycle driver license, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NV DMV) carries out both knowledge and skills tests. The knowledge test assesses applicants’ understanding of safe driving practices.

The Motorcycle Operators Skill Test (MOST) is the final step before applicants receive their full Class M license. This on-cycle practical skills test involves the following components:

  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Knowledge of motorcycle controls and equipment (e.g. choke, gear shift, brakes, starter, throttle, ignition, clutch)
  • Safety inspection
  • Registration and insurance check
  • Normal starts and stops
  • Quick turns and maneuvers
  • Appropriate gear (e.g. face shield, helmet, goggles)

Special Conditions

Even though riders have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of other types of vehicles in Nevada, they still need to consider some specific motorcycle traffic laws, including:

  • Helmet requirement in the state of Nevada.
  • Motorcycles have the right to occupy a complete traffic lane.
  • Motorcycles may not pass/ride next to another vehicle in the same lane.
  • Motorcycles may not be driven between vehicles in adjacent lanes, though there are exceptions for police officers.

The NV Motorcycle Manual

Both the Class M knowledge and skills tests are based on the Nevada Motorcycle Operator Manual, which includes crucial information on the following:

  • Preparing to Ride
  • Ride Within Your Abilities
  • Being in Shape to Ride
  • Earning the License
  • Three-Wheel Vehicles

You can get a copy of the Nevada Motorcycle Operator Manual from the state DMV office, the official NV DMV website, or for free online – see below. It’s a worthwhile read for novice and experienced riders alike, as it is often being updated with new rules, research and practical information. The last release of the manual was January 2019.

Once you get your Class M driver license, and you have dealt with your insurance, you’ll be ready to ride! See you on the road!