How to Pass Your New Jersey Permit Test

Are you ready to get your New Jersey driving license? Congratulations! Getting a driver’s license is an important step in anyone’s life. You should know that the process will take a little time, a little money and a lot of practice. Before you can get your license you will need to get your New Jersey drivers permit and practice your skills. Make sure you get plenty of practice in and that you enjoy the process. After all, you will only learn to drive once.

How To Proceed

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    Find the Nearest New Jersey DMV

    As you prepare for your drivers license you will need to spend some time at the DMV. This means that you should you find this location early on. Once you have found the location, head on over and pick up a New Jersey drivers handbook.

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    Read Through Your Drivers Handbook

    Your drivers handbook will help you navigate through the process of getting a drivers license. Make sure that you read the entire guide from cover to cover as all of the information inside is very important. Focus on the requirements for getting a license and make sure that you will qualify before you spend too much time studying. Remember that if you are getting a first time license in New Jersey and you are under 21 years of age, you will have to fulfill special requirements to get your license.

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    Study for Your NJ Permit Test

    You can also use your handbook to study for your permit test. While all of the information in the handbook is important, the information concerning traffic safety and driving laws will be the primary focus on your test, so pay attention to these areas.

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    Enroll in Driving School

    Drivers that are 16 will have to complete a course from one of many New Jersey driving schools before they can qualify for their permit. In any case, driving school is always a great idea. In driving school you will learn tactics for safe driving, review the laws and even get help preparing for your New Jersey permit practice test. Once you have your permit, it is always a good idea to enroll in a New Jersey defensive driving course to learn additional skills for drivers safety.

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    Take a New Jersey Practice Test

    Once you are comfortable with your knowledge of the information in the drivers handbook, test yourself. The easiest way to accomplish this is by taking a practice test. Find one online or at the New Jersey DMV website. These tests simulate the NJ DMV test and can really help you prepare.

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    Take Your New Jersey Permit Test

    Now you can go to the DMV, fill out paperwork and take your permit test. When you go make sure to bring along the required documentation which includes your birth certificate. If you are 16 you will have to come to the DMV with a licensed driving instructor and bring proof of school enrollment, a signed permission by your parents, and the $10 fee. Your permit is good for 2 years of supervised driving. You will also have to pass your vision test and NJ permit test at this time.

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    Practice Driving

    If you pass your New Jersey permit test you will receive your permit. Once you have your New Jersey DMV permit you can start practicing. You must always have a licensed driver with 3 years of experience that is at least 21 in the car with you. If you are a minor you cannot drive at between 11 pm and 5 am. Minors must also place reflector decals on the front and back license plates of any car they are driving. They cost $4 per pair.

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    Schedule Your New Jersey Driving Test

    Once you have plenty of practice, you will need 6 months if you are under 18, you can schedule your driving test. Contact the DMV and make an appointment.

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    Take Your Behind the Wheel Test

    On the day of your driving test you will arrive at the DMV on time and with a licensed and registered vehicle. You will demonstrate your ability to drive safely by completing a number of assigned tasks like driving, parking, backing up and more. As you show these skills, make sure that you wear your seatbelt and observe other vehicles. If you pass this test, you can receive a license by paying the $24 fee. The driving test is the final one of your New Jersey DMV tests.

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    Enjoy Your New License

    Now you have your license and can drive unsupervised in New Jersey. All first time drivers receive a probationary license for the first year. Don’t use cell phones, video games or any other communication devices. You must also wear your seat belt at all times. After a year you can go into the DMV and receive a basic license.

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