How to Pass Your New Mexico Permit Test in 2018

Getting your driver’s license really creates freedom. When you can drive on your own, you no longer have to ask for rides or wait for busses. Getting your New Mexico driver’s license will take time, but is well worth the effort. With perseverance, studying and practice you will find that you can have your license soon. Here is a little guide to help you throughout the process from finding the DMV in New Mexico to studying for your NM DMV test.

How To Proceed

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    Do You Meet the New Mexico MVD Requirements?

    Every state has different requirements for getting a license and learning to drive. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the requirements since you will have to meet them. Before spending time studying, make sure that you will be able to get a New Mexico drivers license first. Check with the MVD in New Mexico for a complete list of qualifications. In general you must be a New Mexico resident that is at least 15 ?.

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    Complete the None for the Road Course (if you are between 18-24)

    New Mexico drivers between 18 and 24 must complete a special DWI awareness course before they can apply for a license. You can find out more about this course from the University of New Mexico Continuing Education Center. It is a self directed course that will ensure that you understand the states laws regarding driving while drinking or using drugs. This course is also a requirement for anyone that has been convicted of a DWI. Minors must complete the graduated licensing requirements to get a New Mexico driver license.

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    Study the New Mexico Drivers Handbook

    The drivers handbook for your state will be invaluable as you prepare for your driving test. Read the entire guide carefully as much of the information included will be on your test. It is a good idea to create a study plan and to practice using questions from various practice tests.

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    Enroll in Drivers Ed

    Teen drivers must take a drivers education course that is approved by the state. This will help you prepare for your New Mexico DMV tests and will include 3 hours of DWI awareness training.

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    Gather Your Necessary Documents

    To get a drivers license in New Mexico you will need proof of your social security number or identification number, proof of your identity and 2 forms of verification for New Mexico residency. One of these forms must verify your birth date. Start gathering early so that you can order duplicate forms if necessary. Remember all forms of state issued identification require original documents or certified duplicates.

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    Go to the New Mexico DMV and Fill Out Paperwork

    If you are under 18 make sure to bring your parents along when you go into the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department to fill out your forms. While there you will fill out forms, pass a vision test, pass a written test, provide proof of drivers ed for under 18 drivers or DWI course if necessary and pay your fee. In New Mexico the fee is $18 for a 4 year license or $34 for an 8 year license. If you are over 75 you must renew once a year, but are not charged a fee. Additionally new drivers to the state must pay a $15 fee for a DWI verification with other states.

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    Get Your Permit

    Once you pass your permit test which is one part of your New Mexico DMV test, you can receive your permit. Use this to practice your driving skills. Make sure you wear your seatbelt at all times and that you have a licensed driver over 21 in the front seat with you.

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    Complete Required Minimum Practice Hours

    Teen drivers must practice at least 50 hours before they can get their license. They must also have their permit for at least 6 months.

  9. 9

    Take Your Road Test

    Your New Mexico driving test will be the final part of your testing. Once you pass this test which will include driving, pre trip inspection, parking and backing up, you can receive your license. If you are under 18 it will be a provisional license.

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    Enjoy Your License

    Now that you have your drivers license you can drive unsupervised. Make sure that you continue to drive safely so that you can enjoy many long and safe years on the road.

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