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Oklahoma CDL Handbook 2024

Driver's Manual

To make studying easier, the handbook is available in multiple languages and comes with an audio version. Get interactive support with our AI assistant to clarify any complex terms.

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Oklahoma has over 230,000 miles of roads, and that means that getting goods both to people in the state and through the state requires many knowledgeable commercial truck drivers. It’s also a perfect central location for an interstate truck driver, with some beautiful, natural scenery, a low cost of living, and low price to buy land. If you want a homestead while you drive around the country, Oklahoma seems like an ideal home base to get your CDL. The first step to getting that Oklahoma CDL is studying the 2024 Oklahoma Commercial Driver License Manual.

How to Prepare

Preparing to take your Oklahoma CDL test means studying your manual thoroughly and carefully, and the best way to do that is to read it all the way through while taking notes in whatever manner helps you remember facts and numbers best. The manual contains the information you need to pass your general written test and the information you need to pass extra exams and get endorsements to your license. These endorsements may be necessary for certain jobs and vehicles. After you’ve finished reading and taking notes, review the material again and focus on any areas that are difficult for you, as you’ll want to make sure you master them completely before you take the test. If you have trouble focusing while studying, take a break and come back. It’s easy to lose focus if you study for you too long, especially with so much information to cover, so you should take breaks at regular intervals and use them to drink water, walk around, and rest your eyes.

Final Steps

Once you feel you have studied enough and you’ve made your appointment at the DPS Driver License Exam Site, take the time to review the Oklahoma CDL Manual and your notes one more time. This final review will help remove any nervousness you have and remind you of all that you’ve studied. Once you pass your exam, you’ll soon have your CDL and be on your way to a great new commercial driving career in Oklahoma.