How to Pass Rhode Island DMV Test

Learning to drive is a big step. You have to first learn the rules of the road and then spend time behind the wheel practicing. If you are ready to get your Rhode Island drivers license, this guide will help you. It will tell you what you need to do, step by step. This will save time since you won’t have to sit around at the Rhode Island DMV when you don’t have to.

How To Proceed

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    Contact Your Local DMV and Find Out Their Schedule

    When getting a drivers license, you will spend some time at the DMV. It is best to know the Rhode Island DMV hours from the very start of the process. This way you can ensure that you have plenty of time to take your tests and that you know when to go in to get the information you need.

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    Get a Rhode Island Drivers Handbook

    Next you will need to pick up a drivers handbook. You can go into the Rhode Island Registry of Motor Vehicles to get one, or can also find it online at the DMV website.

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    Study the Drivers Handbook

    Once you have the DMV handbook, you need to start studying. One great thing about the RI permit test is that all the information is taken directly from the handbook. So, if you read the handbook carefully and study until you understand all of the information inside, you should have no trouble passing your test.

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    Enroll in Rhode Island Drivers Ed

    Contact the Community College of Rhode Island and enroll in the stateòÀÙs mandatory 33 hour course. Make sure you get a completion certificate since this will be presented with your paperwork when you apply for your permit. If you are over 18 you will not need to complete Rhode Island driving school.

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    Go to the DMV and Complete the Necessary Paperwork

    The Rhode Island DMV is open for taking the Rhode Island permit test Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:00. You canòÀÙt schedule an appointment, and will be seen first come first served. Fill out your paperwork and then you will take a permit test and a vision test. The permit fee is $11.50 if you are under 18 or $6.50 for adults.

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    Take Your Rhode Island DMV Test

    Next you will take a written test and a vision test. The information in the written test will be taken from the drivers handbook. If you have studied you should be able to pass on your first try.

  7. 7

    Practice with a Licensed Driver

    Now that you have your permit, you can start practicing. You will need to get in a lot of practice. Make sure that you drive in a variety of different road conditions and during the day and evening hours.

  8. 8

    Schedule Your Road Test

    Call the DMV and schedule a road test. Your Rhode Island road test will cost $26.50.

  9. 9

    Take Your Rhode Island Driving Test

    On the appointed day and time show up to the DMV with a licensed driver, a vehicle with Rhode Island car insurance and your permit. Additional forms may be required, so be sure to check the DMV website. You will need to drive carefully during the test and will automatically fail if there is a collision, a moving violation, mechanical failure, a dangerous action, if the car leaves the road or if you are uncooperative.

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    Enjoy Your License

    If you pass the test, you will need to pay a $26.50 fee to get your license. The fee is $11.50 if you are under 18. Enjoy your new license!

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