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How to Pass Your Alaska DMV Test in 2018

If you are preparing to get your Alaska drivers license, you probably feel a little overwhelmed. Getting your driver’s license isn’t a quick and easy task. In fact, before you can get your license you will first have to pass the AK permit test as well as a driving test. This means that you will have to put in some time and some practice if you want to get a driver’s license in this state.

How To Proceed

  1. 1

    Find Out the Requirements

    Before you start getting your drivers license, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the requirements in your state. To get an Alaska driver license you must be at least 16 years old. You must also be able to properly operate a vehicle. This might mean that you will be required to wear glasses or contacts to drive. You cannot have a license in another state at the same time that you hold an Alaska drivers license. If you have another drivers license, you will need to surrender it before getting your new license.

  2. 2

    Obtain Study Materials

    Before you head on down to the Alaska DMV for a permit application, you need to prepare for your permit test. You can download a copy of the State of Alaska Drivers Manual. You can download it easily from the Alaska Department of Administration’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. Once you obtain this guide, read it carefully especially if this will be your first Alaska DMV test. Pay special attention to the sections discussing traffic safety and Alaska driving laws.

  3. 3

    Consider Enrolling in an Alaska Driving School

    If you don’t have experience driving you might want to enroll in a driving school. You will obtain top quality instruction and will even have the opportunity to take an Alaska DMV permit practice test. This is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with the style of test that you will need to take to get your license.

  4. 4

    Fill Out Alaska DMV Forms to Apply for a Permit

    Once you are comfortable with the information in the Alaska drivers handbook, you can head on over to the DMV to apply for a permit. You will apply for your permit first and then get your drivers license once you have had sufficient practice. You will need to bring proof of your name, birth date, a form of secondary ID like a school ID or an employee ID, proof of address and your social security card to apply. Your license fee will be $20. Once you provide the documentation and fill out the proper forms you will need to take and pass the Alaska DMV written test.

  5. 5

    What To Do if There Isn’t a Nearby DMV

    Since Alaska has a lot of rural areas, you might not live close enough to the DMV to take your written test. There are many offsite locations where you can test. A list is available by contacting your DMV. In addition, when it comes time to take your test, you may be able to test at another site and hold a license without a photo until you can make it into the DMV. Don’t be discouraged if you live in a rural area; you can still get a drivers license.

  6. 6

    Take your Alaska DMV Permit Test-

    Next you will take your permit test. This is a written test where you will demonstrate your knowledge of the information contained in the state provided manual. This is the first test that you will take. You will take another Alaska drivers test when you are ready to get your license.

  7. 7

    Get Your Alaska State Drivers Permit

    Once you have passed your permit test you can start driving. You must be at least 14 to hold a permit in Alaska. While driving on your permit you must have a licensed driver that is at least 21 years old in your passenger seat at all times. Make sure that you get as much practice as possible during this time. Since the weather in this state can be difficult to drive in, make sure that you focus on Alaska defensive driving principles while you practice and that you practice during the day and night.

  8. 8

    Schedule Your Skills Test

    If you live close enough to an Alaska DMV you will need to go in for a skills test. You can also decide to contract with a third party tester. These companies are private companies authorized to conduct skills tests for the DMV. You can get a list of these testers from the Alaska DMV website. Schedule an appointment with either the DMV or the private skills test company of your choice for your behind the wheel skills test.

  9. 9

    Take Your Alaska Drivers License Test

    Taking your test should be pretty simple especially if you have taken the opportunity to get lots of practice. Remember if you are under 18 you will need to have held your permit for at least 6 months before you can apply for your license. You will have to demonstrate your skills in an Alaska driving test. During this test you will need to prove that you are able to drive in a wide variety of conditions and real life circumstances.

  10. q

    Enjoy Your New License

    It’s that simple to get a drivers license in Alaska. All you have to do is learn the material, pass the Alaska drivers test for both skills and knowledge and provide the appropriate documentation. If you want to get a drivers license in Alaska, start preparing and in no time at all you will be able to have your own new Alaska drivers license.

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